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Debra Goldman, C.N.

Urinary tract infections…Simply the mention of this condition causes women who have been inflicted to cringe, and those who have not to immediately “knock on wood”. We have all heard of the discomfort associated with urinary tract infections. Painful urination, burning, tenderness and dull aches are all commonly discussed. These symptoms may also be accompanied by chills, fever, lower back pain and nausea, depending upon the severity of the infection and, of course, the strength of the individual immune system. While doctors jump to prescribe antibiotics to ease symptoms, the plant world readily provides us with remedies to both ease symptoms as well as to prevent reoccurrence.One of the best places to start is with the well-known Cranberry extract. Current studies have shown that cranberry is quite effective in preventing various bacteria from adhering to mucous membranes. This action would therefore have both preventative and therapeutic benefits for urinary tract infections. Additionally, cranberry acts as both a natural antibiotic and diuretic, making it an ideal tonic for both kidneys and urinary tract system. If you choose to drink cranberry juice, make sure it is unsweetened, as the sugars will otherwise feed bacterial growth.

Another effective herb is Uva Ursi, also known as Bearbery. Uva Ursi can easily be referred to as one of the most effective for urinary tract support. Uva Ursi acts as an antiseptic, astringent (to cool and tighten membranes) and as a diuretic.

Juniper berries provides yet another option for healing cystitis. Juniper is primarily used as a urinary tract herb. Its volatile oils are excreted in the urine, clearing up existing infections.

Marshmallow provides soothing relief to urinary tract sufferers. Marshmallow works on the lower urinary tract, providing neutral energy (rather than heating or cooling). It helps to speed up healing and tissue regeneration while soothing aggravated membranes.

Cornsilk is a gentle diuretic useful for urinary tract infections accompanied by frequent urination and burning. It acts as a therapeutic kidney cleanser as well.

Other herbs useful for cystitis include EchinaceaBuchu, Slippery Elm, Witch Hazel and Couchgrass.

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