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Why We Invented Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology®

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Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology


When it comes to herbal extracts, the most important ingredient is, of course, the herb itself. An extract is only as good as the herb it comes from, and great herbs don’t all come from just one farm, one country, or any one place.

No single farm can have the right soil, temperature, amount of rain, sunshine, or shade needed for each unique herb to grow. While some supplement companies force-grow herbs on their own farm in an environment not native to the plants, at Nature’s Answer® we believe that’s simply unnatural; like trying to grow coffee beans in Ohio.

That’s why, for almost fifty years, we’ve searched the planet for the best herbs and plants Mother Nature can provide from wild crafters who’ve spent their lives cultivating and nurturing herbs in their natural environments; wholesome herbs rich in nutrients, put on this earth for us to enjoy just as Mother Nature intended.

We have had relationships with top wild crafters for decades, and our wild crafters fully understand and honor the laws of nature, sustainability, and responsible stewardship. They never over harvest or deplete the natural local population of wild, locally harvested medicinal plants.

We identify and test each and every herb we obtain, not just once but throughout the production process, utilizing the most sophisticated techniques available today, many of which we invented. Years before anyone knew for sure what herbs they were getting in their supplements or how potent those supplements were, our founder Frank D’Amelio, Sr., insisted on positively identifying the herb and the potency of each of our products. To do this he developed what he called Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology.®

This technology positively-identifies the scientific markers (or unique “fingerprints”) of each plant, allowing Frank to set standards for proving the authenticity of each herb. These standards have been used in over 45 years of research and development, assuring you of the authenticity and potency of every one of our herbal products. It’s just one of the many ways that Frank led the industry and continues to be at the forefront today.

So, when you choose our goldenseal, elderberry, milk thistle, or any of our other herbal supplements, you can be sure that they will be the most authentic product possible.


Nature’s Answer® is a registered trademark of Bio-Botanica Inc.®

Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology® is a registered trademark of Bio-Botanica Inc.®