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Bio Strath

About Strath®

It’s important that we eat a balanced, wholesome diet to meet the varied demands of everyday life and stay healthy. But where can we look for a little extra support that’s also 100% natural?
Answer: Strath® Strath is a whole food wellness supplement and has been on the market for over 60 years, It was marketed under the name Bio-Strath before the name was changed to Strath in 2017. This all-natural whole food supplement is fermented and contains a wide range of important elements that help support our bodies. Strath includes a proprietary blend of herbs harvested from around the world, including places such as the pristine mountains of the Swiss Alps (where Strath is made).


Quality Ingredients | Overall Wellness | Microbiome | Immunity
Quality Ingredients:

Made in the Swiss Alps with pure, fresh ingredients, Strath is 100% natural, free from synthetically produced additives, and naturally preserved.
Strath contains healthy, supportive Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentate along with a proprietary herbal blend, including angelica root, lemon balm leaf, basil aerial parts, chamomile flower, cinnamon bark, caraway seed, elder flower, fennel seed, horseradish root, hyssop leaf, lavender flower, parsley aerial parts, peppermint leaf, sage leaf, and thyme aerial parts.

Overall Wellness:

Strath is a daily whole food wellness supplement that helps nourish & support the body with an array of important vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and beta glucans.
The fermentation process is key and makes these nutrients more bioavailable & accessible to the body.

Microbiome Support:

Our microbiome (the beneficial communities of bacteria and yeasts living in our systems) is integral to our health. It helps digestion, impacts the immune system, and produces hormones and neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Simply put, our microbiome is crucial to keeping our gut happy, healthy, and strong.
Clinical studies indicate how Strath may help to support and positively alter the microbiome. *

Immune Support:

To function at its best, our immune systems need to be nourished. Taking a whole food supplement such as Strath helps support our immune systems with its array of vitamins minerals, and micronutrients.

Along with being a well-balanced source of B-vitamins, Strath also contains bioactive substances, such as mannan and glucan, which also lend a helping hand to support immune function.

Bio-Strath – a Family Business That’s Going Places

How it all began

Strath’s facility is in Herrliberg, Switzerland, in the middle of an idyllic landscape with a beautiful view of Lake Zurich and the imposing Glarus Alps. There, all products are manufactured for the Swiss market as well as for worldwide distribution according to the highest quality regulations and principles.

At a young age, company founder Fred Pestalozzi suffered from a health challenge. By chance, he came across the concentrated fermented Saccharomyces cerevisiae and herbal preparation made by Dr. Walter Strathmeyer, a German chemist and naturalist. Pestalozzi began taking the supplement and saw such positive improvement in his health that he decided to help Strathmeyer offer it to other people in the global market. And so, he founded Bio-Strath AG in 1961. The product was later rebranded Strath in 2017.

Since its founding, Strath’s success has led to the company’s growth and expansion, due in no small part to its impressive customer list. From high-class athletes to Hollywood elite (including film star Gloria Swanson), Strath’s formulation proved to be as beneficial for high-performance individuals as it was for everyone else.

Company principles

The principles defined by Fred Pestalozzi are still at the heart of the company under the guidance of Fred’s son, David:

  • Use the purest, most natural ingredients available
  • Keep the product free from artificial and synthetically produced additives as well as GMO ingredients
  • Keep the product’s natural shelf life with no added preservatives
  • Continue to follow strict scientific criteria to prove the effectiveness of the product