Urinary Tract

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Debra Goldman, C.N. Urinary tract infections...Simply the mention of this condition causes women who have been inflicted to cringe, and those who have not to immediately "knock on wood". We have all heard of the discomfort associated with urinary tract infections. Painful urination, burning, tenderness and dull aches are all commonly discussed. These symptoms may also [...]

Understanding Holistically Balanced™ Herbs vs. Standardized Extracts

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By Ellen J. Kamhi, Ph. D. with Dorie Greenblatt We, at Nature's Answer®, have always had the utmost concern for the quality of the herbs used in our products. Ancient healers understood and respected the fact that plants and herbs are intrinsically balanced by Mother Nature. We also recognize that there is a growing popularity today [...]

Spring Cleaning*

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  The first signs of Spring mark a new beginning, a time of new vitality. After a long, dark cold winter, Spring is a time to open our doors and windows, let the fresh air through, and clear out some of Winter's accumulations. This time of transition provides an excellent opportunity to cleanse the body [...]

Soy and Red Isoflavones

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  Red Clover The Red Clover Flower grows in many areas of the world including Europe as well as the more temperate regions of the United States. The herb is easily recognized. It is similar to the more common white clover that grows on lawns; (much to the suburban gardener's dismay, but to the herbalist's [...]


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  Relora® features a patented proprietary blend of two herbs with a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Magnolia, or "Xin Yi", and Phellodendrone, or "Huang Bo", were often used in combination to offset allergic reactions, such as in the patent medicine "Bi Yan Pian". More recent clinical trials have shown that when [...]

Red Yeast Rice

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  Red Yeast Rice was mentioned in the ancient Chinese medical text, Ben Cao Gan Mu, (written during the Ming Dynasty), as a natural substance useful for helping the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract. It was also held in high regard as both a food preservative and flavor enhancer (and is still used as an additive [...]

OleoPein(tm) Olive Leaf Extract

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  The Olive tree is quite beautiful, with flowing misty-green elongated leaves that have a silver sheen on the underside. Since the earliest of times, the Olive leaf has been referenced as a mythological symbol, as a nutritional food and as a healing medicinal, to name just a few citations. Olive oil is more widely [...]

Oil Of Oregano* – The Benefits of Oil of Oregano

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  Oregano is an aromatic herb that grows in the Mediterranean region, and is cultivated in many areas of the world. It is a member of the Lamiaceae or mint family, a plant family recognized by square stems and opposing pairs of leaves. The ancient Greek's original name for this plant, "oreganos", translated to "Delight of [...]


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  A good memory is of paramount importance to function optimally in today’s highly demanding and fast-paced environment. Whether you’re holding down a job, attending school, socializing with friends and/or raising a family, keeping your memory sharply focused is key to successfully managing the tasks of daily living.There are two main types of memory problems. [...]