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Natures Answer Bilberry Vision Complex Vegan Capsules offers Bilberry  (Vaccinium myrtillus) fruit, combined with a full array of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and nutritional factors that promote Healthy Eye Function. * Bilberry is a natural source of anthocyanosides, a specific kind of flavanol believed to be responsible for the herb’s beneficial properties in promoting healthy eye function.* In World War II, British pilots in the Royal Air Force began consuming bilberry jam for several weeks prior to night missions in order to promote healthy eye function*.  It was the success of this peculiar dietary ritual which prompted medical researchers to explore the phytochemistry of bilberries and isolate the active components of this delicious food.

Natures Answer Bilberry Vision Complex features Vitamin A as mixed carotenoids, a full 1000 mg serving of Vitamin C, amino acids including Taurine, Glycine and L-Glutamine, minerals- zinc gluconate and selenium, and Lutein from bright yellow flower petals picked from Marigolds!

 The bilberry extract, a relative of the cranberry, huckleberry, and American blueberry is a plant with bright green leaves and bell-shaped flowers that grow wild, primarily in northern Europe.

The bilberry looks very much like a blueberry, but its flesh is darker — somewhere between deep purple and crimson — and its flavor is tarter, says Steve Foster, a plant photographer who has written or co-written 17field and reference guides on medicinal plants and herbs, most recently National Geographic’s Guide to Medicinal Herbs.

The depth of color of the bilberry’s flesh is caused by those anthocyanosides — also found in dark berries to varying degrees. The fruit also has antimicrobial tannins, which are found in purple grapes and dark teas.

In the 18th century, German doctors prescribed the bilberry for intestinal conditions, among other things. In the 20th century (1987), Commission E, the German panel of experts that assesses the safety and effectiveness of herbs, approved the use of bilberry extract for diarrhea and inflammation of the mouth or throat.


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