Certified Organic Milk Thistle


Made With Raw Organic Milk Thistle Seed Extracted from the Milk Thistle Plant

Product Features

Advanced Bio-Active Flavonolignan*

QAI Certified Organic

100% Vegetarian

Extracted from Organically Grown Milk Thistle

Free of Chemical Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and Synthetic Fertilizers

Naturally supplies a full spectrum of flavonolignan compounds: Silymarin [Silibinin (Silybin A & Silybin B), Silychristin, and Silydianin], dehydrosilybin, 3-deoxysilichristin, deoxysilydianin (silymonin), siliandrin, silibinome, silyhermin and neosilyhermin*

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Certified Organic Milk Thistle

What is MIlk Thistle

Milk thistle is a member of the daisy (Compositae) family.  It is indigenous to Europe and North America and grows in fields.   Milk Thistle has large, purple flowers surrounded by a sharp array of thorns, hence its name, “thistle”. The active components in Milk Thistle are flavonoids collectively called silymarin; and the majority of Milk Thistle-related research has been conducted on this component.

Organic Milk Thistle Benefits

  • Supports normal healthy liver detoxification*
  • Protects liver against harmful toxic substances*
  • Promotes  glutathione production (an important antioxidant) in the body*