Plant Head Protein Vanilla 1.7 lbs (780g)


Nature’s Highest Quality Plant Based Protein

15 grams Protein

Naturally Flavored Vanilla

30 Servings Best Tasting Vegetarian Protein

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Plant Head Protein Vanilla 1.7 lbs (780g)

Plant Head Protein Vanilla is a Complete Whole Food Source of Protein, Fiber, Healthy Lipids and Micronutrients

Glutamine, BCAAs, Energy Boosting Arginine, Toxin Eliminating Alanine and Digestion Enhancing Glycine

Natural Plant Based Non Synthetic Vitamins, Minerals and Carotenoids.

Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Lactose Free
  • Free of Common Allergens
  • Nothing Artificial and Zero Preservatives
  • Tasting Plant Protein