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Genceutic Naturals, pTeroBlue
Pterostilbene Blueberry Complex,
100 mg, 60 V-Caps


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view label 350 mg
view label Trans Resveratrol 250 mg, Trans-Pterostilbene 50 mg
view label With AuroraBlue® Wild Alaskan Blueberries
view label Identified for Authenticity

pTeroBlue from Genceutic Advanced Blueberry Complex and Nature-Identical

Next generation trans-Pterostilbene (methylated Resveratrol) which has been shown in published studies to be 4x more bioavailabe and last 7x longer in the body than resveratrol

Unique Wildcrafted Alaska Blueberry Complex

Advanced Blueberry Complex and Nature-Identical 99% Pure trans-Pterostilbene

pTeroBlue Pterostilbene-Blueberry Complex 100 mg provides pterosilbene, an analog of the compound resveratrol. Structural differences give pterostilbene powerful key advantages or resveratrol. AuroaBlue is a unique blend of wild Alaska blueberry species, naturally supplying additional pterostilbene.

pTeroBlue Pterostilbene-Blueberry Complex 100 mg provides pTeroPure, as sustainable, nature identical 99% pure trans-Pterostilbene, combined with AuroaBluee wild Alaska Blueberry Complex for optimum benefits.

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