Because at Nature's Answer Quality Always Matters.

How We Keep Our Customers Happy

All our products go through rigorous testing process and meet industry standards for the best quality, so our customers can be confident in the products they buy - every single time!


The Bio-Chelation process is a proprietary cold extraction technique developed by Mr. Frank D’Amelio Sr., founder and owner of Nature’s Answer®. Bio-Chelation includes the use of “cold extraction,” where the “raw” plant parts are extracted without being exposed to heat.
Cold extraction helps the herb maintain vital minerals and other trace elements in solution, thus enabling the herb to maintain its Holistic Balance®. This means that the extracts retain as many of the natural active constituents of the original plant as possible, its “botanical fingerprint.” We soak our herbs in pharmaceutical grade STAINLESS STEEL, rather than the plastic or aluminum commonly used in the industry. The Bio-ChelationTM cold extraction process has been painstakingly tested and proven to withstand the test oftime.


Our products meet FDA guidelines. Nature’s Answer has offered top quality concentrated true herbal extracts for nearly 50 years! We Still manufacture our extracts the same way we originally started in 1972. Now with the help of modern science Nature’s Answer has the advantage of technology to verify the potency and authentication of the herb as well as any adulteration.
Nature’s Answer traditionally developed products according to United States Pharmacopeia (USP), NationalFormulary (NF) Standards- the official texts used to formulate until the 1940’s, before pharmaceutical drugs replaced natural remedies. We have continued to follow the latest scientific techniques including developing our unique Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology®.

Cutting edge formulas continue in our historic tradition, including the selection of the highest quality of EACH scientifically studied ingredient, and manufacturing our products in the United States in our own FDA Registered, NSF GMP, ISO Food Safety, and Pharmaceutically Licensed Facility.


There are many differences in the extraction process used by other herbal manufacturers. At Nature’s Answer wego the extra mile, to validate and authenticate every product to be sure we have the exact blend of healthy phyto- nutrients in each bottle. In addition, we use USP PURIFIED water and our manufacturing facilities are equipped with Positive Airflow HEPA filtration.
This professional system filters incoming air for all particulates and pro- motes a clean environment and ensures dust control. We invest heavily in our in house analytical laboratory, andemploy PhD level personnel who are experts in their fields: Herbalists, Nurses, Chemists, Pharmacists, Toxicologists, and many other highly trained professionals.

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