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advantages of print advertising

That makes print an ideal platform for long-term campaigns. If you are thinking of using print media here are some of the advantages and disadvantages: Advantages …

Here are some of the key benefits of print advertising for targeting niche audiences. This is because the more defined you have made your audience the less likely you will be to waste advertising dollars on people that do not fit your target audience.

For a small business seeking to maximize the return on investment for advertising, print advertising also outperforms both television and Internet advertising. Print ad exposures generated lifts that were 7% points higher than those for Online and 3% points higher than those for TV.”, 5. Print Marketing is the Key to Effective Campaigns.

Targeting Print offers advertisers the ability to get in front of their target audience. Magazine ads perform equally in message association to ads in other media, but provide the best results in the area of intent to purchase. These advantages are not available in print ads. Businesses capitalize on something called the "halo effect" to use the credibility of publications to their own advantage. In the case of newspapers, 79 percent of readers respond in some way to the advertisements they see, such as clipping coupons, visiting websites or making purchases. The reader must physically turn pages, look at all the material and make choices about what to read.

The Differences Between Marketing, Advertising & Propaganda, Characteristics of an Effective or Persuasive Advertisement. Print readers are a diverse group of affluent, high-income consumers. Every time readers look at the page where the advertisement appears, they see the same thing.

No other advertising method provides that much potential longevity from a single investment. Print advertising is a cost-effective way to reach targeted active consumers through credible niche publications. The Advantages of Print Advertisements. Print advertisements, specifically magazine ads, generate the best results across four of the five components of the purchase funnel--the process customers go through from initial brand contact to buying decision. This can take the form of an ad in the paper, printed directory or a magazine. A greater instance of purchasing behavior found with print advertising a “meta-analysis” conducted by Millward Brown,“  Determined that print advertising led to the greatest increases in the metrics closest to purchasing behavior: brand favorability and purchase intent.

3. There is a high tendency for print … Print advertising … One of the benefits of print advertising is that it’s trustworthy. Our clubs are specifically designed for golfers that have trouble hitting traditional irons consistently.”, 4. A niche audience is a group of people that is specifically defined and characterized but similarities that they share in common with others in the group. In many cases, it is much more effective to focus on a niche audience versus a broad general audience. Large companies frequently invest millions of dollars per year in advertising campaigns to sell new products or boost the sales of existing products. However, when you advertise in a reputable magazine with a wide audience, you can gain various advantages. Home > Blog > Key Benefits of Print Advertising for Targeting a Niche Audience. In the battle for a bigger share of customers, print advertisements offer businesses several advantages. Unlike television and Internet ads, which flash before the eye and then disappear, print ads stay on the page. According to research, many people trust print ads than digital ads. The Advantages of TV Advertising Vs. Print Advertising, Newspaper Association of America; How America Shops & Spends; 2011, Magazine Advertising vs.

High Income and education  Neilson reports that “82% of adults with household incomes of $100,000 or more read a printed newspaper and 84% of adults who are college graduates or more read a printed newspaper.”. Brand Recognition  Remind your best customers that you are still around, or better yet about a new product or service.“The ads we run in the USA Today “Golf Today” feature have resulted in an excellent return on investment. Improved ROI –  It was also determined that combinations of advertising that included print were the most successful “ In most cases, a Print + Online + TV combination had more-powerful effects than lesser combinations. Print publications that consistently deliver high-quality, reliable content develop credibility with their readers. A single ad in a single magazine may promote a product or service for months or even years before someone places the magazine in the trash. This might mean you are looking to target a specific city or region, income level, profession or even a specific age group of individuals with your advertising campaign. The person who picks up a newspaper or opens a magazine makes a conscious decision to engage the words and images on the page. Indeed, for some outcome metrics, this combination produced deltas that were twice as large as those for the TV + Online combination. How do I Run a Successful Magazine Publication Business? Thus if you have a killer ad design, the results are always promising. One of the benefits of print advertising is that it’s trustworthy.

There are so many choices between how, when, and where to advertise. Like major companies, small businesses also use advertising to get the word out about their products and services or to better position themselves in the local market. Campaigns combining Print + Online also achieved significant lifts in ad effectiveness, beyond what a single platform would achieve.”, 6. In essence, the "halo effect" means that a person takes a positive thought or feeling associated with one thing and applies it, appropriately or inappropriately, to something related.

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