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bach cello suite 6 analysis

The characterful Gigue, which concludes many cellists complete cycles, feels like a comma here; a chance to breathe and reflect before taking the next step into the remaining three suites. Her intonation is a little sharp on occasions — most noticeably on stoped octaves, but is never unacceptable, while tone is consistently warm. Get our periodic classical music newsletter with our recent reviews, news and beginners guides. 4? Despite its monophonic writing, Weilerstein brings out the polyphony and relishes the grander moments. Believed to have been written for a “Cello Piccolo” or another form of a higher string instrument, The Sixth Suite is more demanding, of the player and listener alike, something which becomes obvious as Weilerstein’s well-considered but communicative approach develops. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. The first release (1983) was confident, technically superb and well recorded for the early digital age.

BACH CELLO SUITE N°6 - SOURCE II . No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. Articulation is gently executed with precision and care; dynamics contrast with subtlety and phrasing is as natural as her use of rubato. 4? The Prelude is not what one may expect, and becomes the model upon which the whole recital is built. BACH CELLO SUITE N°6 IN D MAJOR BWV 1012. The Third Suite, coming next in the first CD, opens with a sense of recitative in the opening Prélude. Here, Notice how Yo-Yo Ma’s approach is quieter, inward-looking. Every cellist who looks at the music immediately feels how naturally the notes are draped around the strings of the instrument. BACH CELLO SUITE N°6 - SOURCE I . With such a range of manners in how to contrast music, it begs the question with so much ahead, has she peaked too soon? full recording. 33 – Doric String Quartet, Review: Niklas Sivelöv – Piano Concertos – Composer, Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Review: Franz Schmidt – Complete Symphonies – Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Järvi, Read of the latest news in classical music, Looking for the best version of a classical music piece? sound excerpts. The recording, made at Mechanics Hall, Worcester (Massachusetts), is in demonstrative level. Back to a major key, Bach’s Suite No. What becomes more evident here is the use of vibrato — controlled and used only to color the sound. The Courante takes a moment to find its feet before becoming a dance of delight. There is a freedom, spirit, yearning and spontaneity, her sense of how to play this music evolves, unfolds and flows. The following Allemande is thoughtfully paced and is characterized by further considered phrasing, enticing the listener in further. Weilerstein’s contemporary approach is respectful of the Baroque origins but brings a highly expressive performance. Well, on the one hand, not much has changed in Ma’s interpretation of the preludes and dances that incorporate the suites, nor did the first two versions were weak in any way, and can still hold their own in the catalog, 35 years after the first release. All rights reserved.

Suite No. Get our periodic classical music newsletter with our recent reviews, news and beginners guides. There is always movement and contrasting innovation. If you are looking for an outgoing romanticism, whole bows and inflated vibrato of, let’s say, Rostropovich or Fournier, look elsewhere. Turning her attention to one of the cornerstones of the cello repertoire — Bach’s six suites, she brings a refreshing approach.

Sony wisely priced this 2 CD release as a single CD (With vinyl costs the full double amount).

The Form of the Preludes to Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suites Daniel E. Prindle University of Massachusetts Amherst Follow this and additional works at: ... 1.2: mm. The sound engineering from Pentatone is excellent throughout, setting this apart from many recordings available. LISTEN. Recorded in the Teldex Studios, Berlin in July and September 2019, the cello is sufficiently close without any noticeable noise from the fingerboard, which is a distraction of some recordings, including Stephen Isserlis’ otherwise highly regarded set.

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