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black bean substitute

It … Compared to black beans, which contain about 13 grams of net carbs, peas take the cake for low-carb legumes. Don’t try substituting black bean sauce for mashed black beans as a rub over meat or seafood before cooking – the results won’t be very good. Hoisin sauce is a good alternative to black bean sauce which can be used in most recipes that call for the original ingredient. In general, mushrooms tend to work in place of black beans or kidney beans (or beef and pork if it’s a non-vegan recipe). Zucchini is a pretty fair substitute for eggplant if you need that, which brings me to the last replacement: #8 Add more vegetables! Its thick texture makes it a useful condiment for dipping dumplings, meat, and fried foods into. Peas are also an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin K and are rich in protein[ * ]. Hoisin sauce. Eggplant tends to work in place white beans or chickpeas or lentils used in Italian dishes. Black bean sauce substitutes 1. You can easily work peas into your chili, salads, or curry as a bean replacement. Follow a similar procedure for steamed dishes, combining the prepared black bean sauce with the other sauce ingredients, adding the sauce to the food and steaming according to the recipe directions.

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