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can i use paraffin instead of kerosene

She is the Editor of Islands America, a travel website for visiting islands within the United States. You will have a dedicated account manager to be your point of contact from day one. Company Reg No. This risk of fire is greatest if gasoline instead of paraffin is used as the fuel source and if the paraffin heater is not properly maintained or operated. I am mostly happy other than the amount of smoke it puts off. I found this product on Amazon and decided to try it. Where Does Particulate Pollution Come From and What Can I Do About It?

If you plan to use kerosene or paraffin for stoves and lighting, (although this would be somewhat unlikely, even in more remote areas thanks to bottled gas and batteries to store power for lighting), your best option would be to use paraffin due to the reduced odour and soot build-up. Many people think that paraffin and kerosene are the same things. There are some instances, however, when paraffin is used to refer to a more refined and distilled version of kerosene for use in stoves and lamp. 2. At Beesley Fuels, we offer you the most competitive prices & some of the longest payment terms in the industry. @media (max-width: 1171px) { .sidead300 { margin-left: -20px; } } When you buy from Firefly Fuel, you support small business. I know I’m not supposed to use this oil indoors, but I’m in MidTN and bugs here are abundant. The Tide was a mess!! Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. After getting them functional again, I decided to use this particular fuel by Firefly in the hopes that it would be better for the lanterns instead of using kerosene. The key difference between paraffin and kerosene is that the paraffin has a slight odor while the kerosene has a strong odor. These are acyclic, saturated hydrocarbons. I’m SO glad I kept looking for lamp oil! (Besides Wearing a Mask All the Time). In addition to that, kerosene causes the formation of a lot of soot. My mom brought me two Dietz lanterns that were once used by her father. The lamp had some old oil that was gold in color. All kinds. ), there is absolutely no smoke. Use this column at your own risk. Wendy K. Leigh is a travel writer and photojournalist from Seattle. This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service.

Well done. Videos, Wholesale Application Sometimes, paraffin refers to a more refined and distilled version of kerosene, meaning it can be more suitable for indoor uses such as lamps and stoves. It was east to fill the lamps with a funnel & wait until the new wicks absorbed the fuel before lighting. – April 17, 2017, My daughter had just returned from a school trip to colonial towns in the eastern seabord with a glass blown oil lamp. Thankfully, I found Firefly CLEAN Fuel Lamp Oil. After getting them functional again, I decided to use this particular fuel by Firefly in the hopes that it would be better for the lanterns instead of using kerosene. Lisa L Ellison – Amazon Review Firefly CLEAN Fuel is just a simple, safe product. TOP 1000 REVIEWER

He also burned kerosene in them and over the years they became quite dirty. It comes with a nozzle that makes pouring into small openings like the tea light easier. I go back and forth between liquid paraffin during the warmer months for the low oder and lamp oil in the Winter months at my remote cabin as it does not freeze. This makes it more suitable for use indoors and additives are usually added to reduce the odour and produce less soot when burnt. Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil is a direct replacement for paraffin fuel with the same operating characteristics (smokeless, odorless and clean-burning) plus many notable improvements. I am pleased with the Firefly lamp oil, the scent is very mild and low odor, I did not have any problem with smoking and it did not bother my occasional allergy issues. This is a flammable hydrocarbon oil, typically a refined and purified version of kerosene. July 16, 2016 While there is a crossover between the terms ‘kerosene’ and ‘paraffin’, the latter has a much broader meaning and range of applications as discussed above. If you like the 4L pre-pac type Class I paraffin then it can be had in 205 litre drums, bringing the cost down to about 1/3rd of the price of 4 litre drums. With supply depots across the country, we can deliver to any location within a few hours! Even with these and other safety precautions, I believe that the fire and health risks outweigh the convenience or other reasons for having a paraffin heater. I did appreciate their notifying me, prior to delivery, to check for such a potential problem. In the UK, people often use the term paraffin to refer to kerosene so it’s likely that you’ll get the same product, whatever you call it. They were in very good shape, for their age, and I spent some time taking them apart and cleaning them.

Random Acts of Kindness and All things Positive! 1 Engine Street We LOVE it for mosquito control. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Yes, I asked the same question to my professor, he explained beautifully and cleared the whole picture in my mind so Hopefully I can clear the air a little on this issue. Denny – Amazon Review

Light of Mine Rock Candles, LLC We had a couple of Inverter paraffin heaters, amazing heat, they do keep spaces really warm, and get rooms to temp quickly. Even though I completely emptied the fuel tank and put in a brand new wick, the lantern still smelled of kerosene when I burned the new fuel for the first few times I used it. Paraffin heaters, especially those that are unvented to the outside (as would the case be with a portable heater), are a significant source of indoor air pollution. You have a few options when purchasing oil for lamps and lanterns. – October 10, 2016. Ideal length of wick is about 1mm or a bit less for optimum burn time. Sign up as a Firefly Member & get Free Shipping* on orders over $35 I would highly recommend this product to anybody. Kerosene/Paraffin, it all smells to some degree, I do not think think there is a process to remove all of the sulphur.

Linda Williams – Amazon Review

Paraffin heaters generally follow a similar design, including a fuel tank, a wick to draw kerosene from the tank to the combustion area, a device to ignite the wick, and an automatic device that puts out the wick if the heater is accidentally turned over. Madhu is a graduate in Biological Sciences with BSc (Honours) Degree and currently persuing a Masters Degree in Industrial and Environmental Chemistry. It has a characteristic, strong odor. Other names we use to name this compound are lamp oil and coal oil. While lamp oil is generally inexpensive, there are ways to save even more by using oil that you already have in your kitchen. Andrev – Amazon Review The paraffin was used to help the chocolate set properly. This Oil works great! They wanted to remind me to open my product promptly to check for any leaks that may have occurred during transportation. I feel like I have to fill up the can every use so my only complaint is that it may evaporate faster than others I’ve used. Although there are some differences between the fuels, the name can simply differ depending on where you’re located. This product nails it and stands true to its claims. I bought a oil lantern and researched and found this oil and this oil fits the bill! Contact Us It’s thin but a little amount goes a long way. Refill Bottles, Small Plastic Funnels, Etc. The fuel arrived professionally packed and free of spills. What is Kerosene?Kerosene is a low-sulphur and clean burning oil which is used in the majority of modern oil-fired boiler units in the UK and Ireland. Lamp oil is inexpensive, accessible and efficient. I’ve used them in Candle Lanterns instead of wax candles and in small lanterns. Your exact health risks will depend on your susceptibility and also on your exposures to the heater-associated pollutants. I was wanting a cool, unique way to keep the mosquitoes away while I relax on my porch but also have a inside emergency light source / Romantic table light in the house. Contact Us. They add a charm you don’t get from electric lights. Moreover, the branched paraffin compounds are important constituents in gasoline because they have a higher octane number. – December 13, 2019. Your email address will not be published. Firefly CLEAN fuel is non-smoking, sootless, odorless, provides a great flame and is longer lasting than paraffin oil. However, sometimes, it seems colorless according to the presence or absence of other components or impurities. Editor, Marcus Herbert. This fuel is odorless, and does “freeze” up like paraffin will in cold temperatures. I tried using the UV lamp but the one I bought off Amazon wouldn’t attract any bugs. – November 2, 2018. this video shows how i switched from expensive kerosene to diesel fuel in my heater. I did learn that if your lantern previously had kerosene or another fuel in it, it may take a while for the old fuel smell to burn off. Interestingly, kerosene is the fuel used to power jet aeroplanes too! Most newer heaters also have additional safety features to reduce the risks that would come from improper use or maintenance.

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