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caramelized banana oatmeal

BACK TO RECIPES You Might Also Like. Transfer oatmeal to a bowl, top with the bananas and optional toppings and enjoy! } I used oat milk to cook the rolled oats which just makes so much sense… but of course, you can substitute regular milk or another non-dairy milk like almond or cashew milk, for example. Once both sides are golden-brown off the heat and set aside. Quick cook steel cut: Use 1/4 cup of quick cook steel cut oats and 3/4 cup water.

In a medium saucepan, bring water to a simmer. Add the salt and stir in the oats. Add maple syrup, vanilla (and cinnamon) and let it bubble for a while bit until lightly foamy. } Caramelized Baked Banana Oatmeal Recipe It's hearty, filling, and packed with more richer flavors than an instant or quickly prepared bowl of oats. if (!window.mc4wp) { Cook for 5 minutes before reducing heat to low and cooking for an additional 20-25 minutes. Time to reboot. If using another variety of oats, adjust the recipe accordingly: © 2020 Nature's Path Foods. And that alway, One of the best things that happened to me during, Because people requested a recipe when I posted it, Any time it snows, I get the urge to bake. This version deepens the banana flavor by letting it caramelize on top and you could add any number of things to pack in even more flavor. ) as it means I can prep … Steel cut oats: Use 1/4 cup steel cut oats and 3/4 cup water. Reduce heat to low and simmer uncovered until the oats have absorbed most of … listeners: [], This hearty oat porridge is topped with brown sugar, crunchy Coconut & Cashew Butter Granola, melty chocolate bits, and heavenly medallions of sweet caramelized banana. Meanwhile, slice banana lengthwise first and then into halves. In a small saucepan, heat water, oats, salt, and molasses over medium heat. Made with one ripe banana and two non-ripe ones. I could eat this every day and it only takes as little as 6-10 minutes to cook them and you can make the oatmeal while they’re cooking. Apple, Goat Cheese & Prosciutto Flatbread . In the meantime, add coconut oil and maple syrup to a medium-large sized saute pan. window.mc4wp = { All rights reserved. Once boiling, lower heat and let simmer. Add sliced banana and sprinkle each slice with a touch of brown sugar (about 1/2 tbsp total.) 0. Notes on oats: I used Nature’s Path Old Fashioned Organic Oats to make this porridge. Subscribe and I promise to make you hungry through your inbox! Stir often and cook until oatmeal reaches your desired consistency (about 3-5 minutes.). Cook for 3-5 minutes on each side or until nice and golden brown.

Since having my son, we always try to book hotels with a kitchen (for the occasional bit of cooking as we are on holiday after all!


Slice the bananas and combine them with the butter and sugar in a small saucepan. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Stir it all for a few minutes over medium high heat. If you’ve never had caramelized bananas before OH MY does it bring out the flavor of the bananas and make them sweeter! Do not go to the gym for a week. In a cast-iron frying pan or skillet, heat vegan butter or coconut oil over medium heat. , Trying to keep myself busy tonight.

Add banana and simmer on each side until soft. Stir often and cook until oatmeal reaches your desired consistency (about 3-5 minutes.)

Once bananas are soft and golden-brown, gently flip them and cook the other side. Growing up with an Italian mother, I was privileged with a home cooked meal almost every night of the week.

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