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crkt drifter review

Best Tactical Knives Lionsteel is een merk dat zeer mooie messen levert vanuit Italië.

Required fields are marked *. Het negatieve punt aan de pocket clip is dat je het niet kunt verplaatsen, je draagt dit mes altijd tip down met de clip aan de rechter kant. For some, this may be their first “real knife” that sends them down the slippery slope that is blade collecting. CRKT Drifter Review – Final Thoughts. However, it is extremely well built and perfect for an everyday carry knife.

Notice the grey blade matches the grey body perfectly, its almost as if someone in marketing went “gee.. wonder what it would look like if we swapped them around”. The Ka-Bar Dozier is another wonderful choice – you hit the nail on the head.

Now $350 to 700 pretty much, and worth it. Het handvat is niet erg groot waardoor er bij de meeste mensen één vinger er niet of niet helemaal op het mes valt. It may not look pretty when after hard use, but it will never give up. He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design. De G10 versie kost met €19,34 iets meer maar nog steeds een enorm goede prijs voor wat je krijgt! My liner lock version bites in nice and early.

The CRKT Drifter has a 2.87 inch drop point blade with a hollow grind.

2 1\4in blade, on keyring.

Normaal geef ik geen links van ebay door omdat door verzendkosten/ inklaringskosten en belasting de prijs te ver ophogen dat het niet meer interessant is, maar dit mes blijft onder de €22,- wat voor vrijstelling zorgt van inklarings/ belasting of douane kosten. De lanyard hole op dit mes is vrij klein, met een beetje geklooi is het wel mogelijk om een stuk paracord erdoorheen te halen. Yeah man, CRKT is turning out some pretty nice stuff.

Best High Value Knives. Best EDC Knives Wat ook nog wel het noemen waard is, is dat het mes een aardige buik heeft aan vorm van het lemmet, dit is verder niet erg voor de prestaties.

I agree, the G10 handled version strikes me as more practical. It’s not super aggressive, but it gets the job done. The Drifter is given a gentle recurve that adds a little spice without making it too difficult to sharpen.

Can you help me out? I can definitely see some similarities between the Drifter and the Twitch II – good point. Others might want to spice up their EDC rotation without breaking the bank. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Drifter is a sturdy folding knife that is not all that fancy, sporting a very basic style. The company’s knives typically are good choices for the average outdoor enthusiast and the Drifter maintains that standard. I like it because it’s easy to sharpen, holds an edge reasonably well and has decent corrosion resistance. There are more. 440c steel blades. The stainless steel version is heavier, weighing in at 3.2 ounces.

There r others. The knife world simply refers to fellow enthusiasts, knife makers, manufacturers etc. Op het lemmet is op één kant het logo en CRKT geprint, op de andere kant staat Drifter. CRKT Drifter Review. I love the ultra light carry weight, it really disappears in pocket. There is a lanyard hole which could be a nice option if you decide to go the “clipless” route – it should take hollowed out 550 cord without protest. There is a pocket clip on the handle of all models of the CRKT Drifter, but the only carry position that is possible is right side, tip down.

SOG makes some good options (Aegis, Flash 2) and of course you have lots of stuff from Spyderco (Delica/Endura/Tenacious), Kershaw (they have too many to list) and Cold Steel. I am left handed myself, however, and I prefer carrying my knives right side, tip down, so it really varies person to person. Doordat het RVS is en er geen patroon in het handvat zit zal je sneller je grip verliezen dan bij andere handvaten gemaakt van ander materiaal. Both should handle all your EDC tasks without issue. On the G10 version the liners aren’t milled, which begs the question, how light would this thing be if they did that? Most carried is a small SRM 681 with back lock. The tip is fine enough for detail work, but not too delicate. Thanks for offering some great insights into this one. Here is a link to Blade HQ, where you can find the CRKT Drifter, and all proceeds benefit the site when you purchase things through this link: I’ll be playing around with it a bit more and will get a video on it up soon. For well under $25 a piece, these are two high value blades that have absolutely been done right. However, it is extremely well built and perfect for an everyday carry knife.

Honestly my guess is any weight savings probably wouldn’t be worth the premium in price. The tip works really well opening boxes. Best Survival Knives Het handvat heeft geen scherpe hoeken en heeft een kleine ‘finger guard’ ter bescherming. Awesome handling, easy to sharpen. Perhaps the best part of the clip is that it’s removable, and the small size of the knife allows you to carry it loose in your pocket. And if it is real (and by that i mean people to meet/know) , how can i get plugged into that?

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