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dark tung oil on birch butcher block

Every once in a while I will wipe it down with 1/2 a lemon to freshen it up. How often should I oil my butcher block countertops?

I'm not trying to give them a plug or anything, but the quality of their product was amazing. You can try a refined coconut oil (not the regular stuff you grab in the grocery store) which has been distilled and won’t go rancid. To the right of my sink gets wet from people stacking dishes and glasses there. Wow, was it hard as a rock and heavy! Updated Sept 12, 2020: We loved the way these turned out so much we added them to the recent Airbnb renovation we did. I just put butcherblock in my new house. This is great! I ended up using the Walnut with just a touch of Black and here is the final color. When I rub my hand on it now, I get a layer of oil on my palm. Hello! All of the Pyrex “experts” have stated yes, it’s the difference between the cold counter and the hot Pyrex.

Don’t be skimpy with the mineral oil. Love the fact that you went green. trust me I'll be using this stuff again on other projects.

The Milk Paint tung oil also comes in a walnut stain you can apply to oil your butcher blocks- I may do that in the future, not really sure yet. Thanks for the tutorial because we’re getting butcher block when we do our kitchen remodel. Pure tung oil is a good choice for a food safe wood finish for your butcher block countertop or kitchen island. dolls!). Mineral oil to be precise. Hope this helps someone who is on the fence for butcher block counters, once you have them- nothing else will do. From what I can tell Watco butcher block finish isn’t an oil, it’s an actual “finish” which means it’s leaving a layer on the wood as opposed to sinking into the wood. I was trying to keep them food safe which is a concern for me. It doesn’t feel like the wood grain is coming up. It feels like certain places aren’t absorbing the oil the same, should I oil those specific areas more than the rest? And, lets be real, if I’m going to replace the counters then I’m going to replace the cabinets and floor. We are also winging it, having never done it before! The love and attention to detail is everywhere! ~ karen! I went a tiny bit lighter in the color on these (did not as much black) because the entire space is light and bright but love them also! I can picture you both working together to build on this dream!

So if you’re worried 1.5″ will seem skimpy, it won’t. I discovered how very possible it could be to burn a building down 2 years ago, when my Son and Daughter-in-law were using linseed oil on their teepee poles (true story). In my remodeling dreams I will admit to being on the granite or quartz bandwagon. So, I sent an email to the company, I told them I wanted to darken my wood planks and was wondering about stain and they recommended Dark Tung Oil. Maintaining any wood surface in the kitchen means you have to a) stop moisture from getting into the wood and b) stop moisture from getting out of the wood. You can also sand your entire countertops using coarse, medium and then fine sandpaper to make it look brand new again if that’s what you want.

Home Office, One Room Challenge, Mid Century Modern, Moodboard, Office Update, Fall Decor, Fall tour, Decor inspiration, Fresh Flowers, Seasonal decor. If you’d rather apply a longer-lasting product than tung oil, you can seal the butcher block using a more substantial chemical sealant, like Waterlox. But not sure about the idea of orange/green/red stain splots in one portion of the counter. ~ karen! The wood can’t be that dry… can it?? I am considering purchasing butcher block counter tops, just concerned about the area around the sink. It seemed like a great solution. No sanding necessary, just patience. Or if you take care to keep an unsealed, but oiled, counter maintained will it be ok around a sink area? Any suggestions!? . Which explains why you made your own pizza oven and actually regularly maintain your counter tops. Love the information on this.. I would love to have butcher block counters in our kitchen that my husband has been remodeling, but am concerned that the steam vents on top of the dishwasher would ruin the wood. Looks like a happy place. We do lots of canning and baking and I’d be worried about scorch marks. For me, butcher block countertops are a tool in my kitchen. custom. It was very inexpensive. ~ karen!

Any experience with stinky stuff?

Your hand can feel any bits that a cloth leaves behind.

Doesn't darken over time like linseed oil. Once you oil the area the lightened wood will become much less noticeable.

And I have to say….they were darker.

Dori, one thing I love about your blog is that it represents true DIY! Your house is beautiful.. I even used it on the kitchen island top, I love it and. We had some serious discussions about counter tops and what we should do. Laurie, we used a vapor barrier directly under the portion of counter top that is above the dishwasher. And yes, hard wood is *really* hard to cut through, lol. Linseed oil is combustible. I follow this method exactly, except I don’t use a soft cloth, as it drives me nuts how much oil gets absorbed into the cloth and I don’t know what to do with the cloth afterwards (wash it? Unlike my copper pots which I had just cleaned before this post. See if Unlike mineral oil, tung oil is not a petroleum product- it is a nut oil … We usually use hot pads but my partner occasionally forgets…. I have two kinds of oil for them one with wax in it,, came from where I bought the countertop. ), the “skirt”, etc, etc!). I use Boose Block “food” cause it works… and am in Colorado where it’s impossibly dry. If you have a completely disastrous and disgusting cutting board you should take a look at this post which describes how to get rid of the gross.

Hi Melissa. I don’t collect vintage Pyrex to look at, I collect it to be used as intended AND to look at, because it’s cool. He thought, pondered, measured, looked at his supplies, repeated that and then, voila', he figured it out. Mine is a birch butcher block I bought at Lowes, not maple. And yes, you can use mineral oil on any wood chopping block or cutting board. :) Here’s a quick video of me laying it ~ karen! Dark Tung Oil Butcher Block Countertops This is our second time using butcher block countertops in a kitchen remodel. Thanx. It's close...keep telling yourself that!....the planning of how it's going to be when you get your things moved in is just "spinning" in your head right now isn't it? And, the bonus is that my hands absorb some of that oil as well. You randomly discover, invent or figure something out when you weren’t even trying to. I do know that when we purchased ours we could only get the extra wide in Beech. Would you ever do your cleaning process on them, or do cutting boards like that call for a different approach? But I have a question about the little “table” display thing on your Kitchen island.

Dark Walnut On Ikea Birch Butcher Block And Sealed With Tung Oil. I use mineral oil to help condition the wood but you can also use board butter. Eldon wants me to mention here that when it came to getting the rounded corners for the sink to fit perfectly he used a hole saw and then fine tuned it with a Farrier's rasp (a horse hoof trimming file)! Not to mention the trickiness of cutting faucet holes and cutting and fitting the farmhouse sink. All properly equipped shops that apply oily finishes should have a special ‘oily rag can.’ That was a bit of disappointment to me. “Not very many people have those” was my mother’s reaction when I told her I was writing a post on maintaining butcher block countertops.

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