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easiest herbs to grow outdoors in pots

Don’t worry: the flowers are magnets for hoverflies (whose larvae eat aphids) and the green seeds are delicious. Secondly, you need to feed all your herbs in containers with liquid seaweed (or worm tea) while they are growing. Sage is a great herb for cooking with and easy to grow.

Good, all weather access is vital to growing herbs…

Sage is an evergreen, so the leaves can be picked at any time to add to your dishes, but for winter protection the plant can be covered with horticultural fleece.

These are Guy Barter's favourite garden herbs... A key ingredient in many recipes, especially summer salads and Mediterranean classics, basil is Britain's most widely sold herb.

Mint grows in both full sun or partial shade and thrives in most soil types.

Harvest the leaves regularly to encourage more to grow. Basil is one of the most popular herbs to grow because it goes well with so many other foods in dishes. Despite having its profile raised by Ottolenghi (who uses it in several recipes), sorrel remains a stranger to supermarket shelves. Salvia officinalis, or sage, is a perennial that grows into a semi-shrub type of garden herb. I’m a big one for starting any project with small successes, so these are some of the easiest herbs for a beginner to grow. • Exposure – Exposed

Although a hardy perennial, fennel is often sown every year to maintain its crop. However, if you're mixing herbs in the same pot, you have to be sure you're using plants with similar growing requirements. You can use it for everything from tea to mojitos, to mint and coriander chutney.

• Sun – Full sun or partial shade

The intense flavour of sage, with its savoury and slightly peppery taste, makes it one of the most widely used and grown herbs in Britain. • Position – South, East, North or West facing

And choose herbs of similar sizes for the same pot – a large rosemary will swamp a small thyme plant, for example.

• Moisture – Moist but well-drained

Believed by the Greeks to be excellent for the brain, and associated in traditional medicine with having a good memory, rosemary is a particularly nutritious herb to grow in your garden. If you live in zones 3-10, you can leave chives outside year-round. • Soil – Sand, chalk, or loam. Starting a herb garden is a great way for beginner gardeners to get into growing their own produce. Although a perennial, it can rot out in wet regions and overly saturated soils, so be careful to plant in drier soils and not over water.

• Soil – Sand, chalk, or loam. An annual herb that grows as well outdoors as inside, sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) can grow to a height of 24 inches.

Its only requirements being moist ,fertile soil and plenty of sun, mint can be grown in almost any situation, and is not susceptible to frost damage. In spring and summer, the leaves can be cut off and used in dishes. It does best in well-drained soil, in a sunny spot. Brilliant in salads, snipped up over soups, or added as garnish to many dishes. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Monty Don says we should stop buying peat compost, 20 gardening deals for Amazon Prime Day 2020, Turn your garden into a cosy outdoor cubbyhole, Daddy Long Legs could cause destruction to lawns, This year will see a bumper crop of sweet apples, Country Living, Part of the Hearst UK Fashion & Beauty Network. Most herbs need a neutral to alkaline soil. From family sets to intimate two seater table and chairs, there is something for everyone. The Live Better Challenge is funded by Unilever; its focus is sustainable living. Remove the growing tip when the plants are 15cm high for bushier growth. Greenhouses are ideal, as are kitchen windowsills, for helping basil to survive for long periods. The only thing it doesn’t like is wet ground, so plant it in a sunny spot with fertile, well-drained soil. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too!

Here are 10 that I wouldn’t be without. The scent and the taste are similar to aniseed and it can be used in salads and cooking, popularly with fish dishes. Sow seed directly in the ground during March and April.

Parsley can be slow to germinate, so speed things up by soaking the seeds in water overnight before planting. Another reason gardeners choose herbs is because the flowers, foliage and scent are an appealing, easy-to-grow addition to any outdoor garden. They were once hung in bunches around the house to fend off evil spirits but, today, they are popular as boarder plants with their pretty, purple blossoms. After describing the benefits of growing herbs at home in containers, our vertical veg man picks his favourites, Last modified on Thu 2 Aug 2018 14.48 EDT.

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