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gender inequality in family sociology

An informal biweekly working group brings together faculty and graduate students working in this area. Their husbands, by comparison, shouldered a much lighter load. Earlier we discussed the gender gap in earnings, with women earning 79.4% of what men earn, but women of color face both a gender gap and a racial/ethnic gap.

Perhaps the major problem is a gender gap in income. In the US, family leave was first enacted at the federal level in 1993 as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Gender ideology and perceptions of the fairness of the division of household labor: Effects on marital quality. In the realm of household work, then, gender inequality persists. Jenner, L., & Ferguson, R. (2009). Please share your supplementary material! & Gerson, K. (2004) The Time Divide: Work, Family, and Gender Inequality. Laura Adler has won the Eastern Sociological Society's Rose Laub Coser Dissertation Proposal Award for her dissertation, What's A Job Candidate Worth? For women, on the other hand, marriage does not seem to be associated with significant changes in wages.

coordinator. This is difficult to determine, as the men who do the sexual harassment are not about to shout it from the rooftops, and the women who suffer it often keep quiet because of the repercussions just listed. After all, it is one thing to spend less time on housework than was done in the 1960s and another to spend less time with one’s children. We noted earlier that about 31% of all female-headed families are poor. If you know a woman who works in a male-dominated occupation, interview her about any difficulties she might be experiencing as a result of being in this sort of situation. DeNavas-Walt, C., Proctor, B. D., & Smith, J. C. (2010). Kanter made the case that changing family structures and increasing labor force participation among women were creating a new and complex set of interactions that were not being sufficiently studied in the traditional domains of the sociology of the family and the sociology of the labor force. Someone has to do housework, and that someone is usually a woman. To take one example, the historical changes in women’s labor force participation are associated with the increasing importance of women’s earnings for marriage formation. will complete three approved cluster courses. Some jobs might be “better” on some dimensions and “worse” on others but still end up with the same predicted salary if everything evens out. The time and timing of work is another important consideration.

Among full-time workers, women earn about 79.4% of men’s earnings. Washington, DC: U.S. Census Bureau. As our discussion of the mass media and gender socialization indicated, women are still depicted in our culture as sexual objects that exist for men’s pleasure. Some countries in Europe, such as France, Germany, and Finland, have long leaves of two or three years. Reskin, B., & Padavic, I. Coltrane, S. (2000). We view gender and the family as distinct but often overlapping dimensions of social stratification. Retrieved from

Coltrane, S. (2010). They thus face a triple burden that manifests itself in many ways. Cite as. These men realize that subordinate women may find it difficult to resist their advances for fear of reprisals: a female employee may be fired or not promoted, and a female student may receive a bad grade. Parsons, J. M. (2016). Frank, E., Brogan, D., & Schiffman, M. (1998). Retrieved from Similarly, women are much more likely to provide elder care than men. In some cases, these new policies play a role in shaping gender norms in work and family. Someone has to do housework, and that someone is usually a woman. Not surprisingly, then, sexual orientation continues to be the source of much controversy and no small amount of abuse and discrimination directed toward members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. Work and family responsibilities are both quite time consuming. What accounts for the gender gap in earnings? Goldin, (2004) The Long Road to the Fast Track: Career and Family. Gender equality is described as the perception that both men and women should get the same treatment devoid of discrimination based on sex. Tichenor, V. (2005). This gender gap in earnings stems from several factors, including sex segregation in the workplace and the lower wages and salaries found in occupations that involve mostly women. Retrieved from

In the Nordic countries, women have been more successful than elsewhere in combining their dual role as mothers and workers, and social policy arrangements are an integral part of the gender equality policy. Some women’s jobs pay less than men’s jobs even though their comparable worth is equal to or even higher than the men’s jobs. Table 11.4 “The Race/Ethnicity and Gender Gap in Annual Earnings for Full-Time, Year-Round Workers, 2009” depicts this double gap for full-time workers. (2009, September 27). At the same time, our culture socializes men to be sexually assertive. Families of workers in highly absorptive occupations have an impact on the worker’s performance in that role; an executive, for example, might be hampered in his career mobility without the expected ‘‘corporate wife.’’. Not logged in The FMLA provides certain workers with 12 weeks of job protected, unpaid leave to care for a new child or a sick family member, or in the case of the worker’s own serious illness.

American Sociological Review 66: 204-25. European countries typically offer longer leave, plus wage replacement. In the largest U.S. corporations, women constitute only about 16% of the top executives, and women executives are paid much less than their male counterparts (Jenner & Ferguson, 2009). Journal of Education Finance, 31(1), 82–100. The earnings gap tends to widen considerably when men and … (2010). Economists who have investigated the gender pay gap have also noted that women are more likely to choose jobs based on factors other than pay. The most prominent provision to address these concerns was the broadening of eligibility to include two parent families. Income and Workplace Inequality In the last few decades, women have entered the workplace in increasing numbers, partly, and for many women mostly, out of economic necessity and partly out of desire for the sense of self-worth and other fulfillment that comes with work. New York, NY: Catalyst. Forbes. For example, female marketing and sales managers earn only 68% of what their male counterparts earn; female human resource managers earn only 68% of what their male counterparts earn; female claims adjusters earn only 83%; female accountants earn only 72%; female elementary and middle school teachers earn only 90%; and even female secretaries and clerical workers earn only 86% (U.S. Department of Labor, 2008). Tichenor, V. (1999). Gender and family time preferences, The motherhood penalty in 10 European countries, Relations Cross Nations: New relationships in cross-national perspective, Older adults in America's immigrant families, Global trends in laws regulating sexual activity, Changes in approval of same-sex relationships and related policies, Effects of organizational and labor market characteristics on gender job segregation 7.4 The Get-Tough Approach: Boon or Bust? Childcare remains gendered in the family, with mothers reducing paid employment to care for children to a much greater extent than fathers. Gender as structure or trump card?

Journal of Human Resources 26: 282-307. The evidence indicates otherwise: women’s work is devalued precisely because it is women’s work, and women’s jobs thus pay less than men’s jobs because they are women’s jobs (Magnusson, 2009). Part of the reason for this segregation is that socialization affects what jobs young men and women choose to pursue, and part of the reason is that women and men do not want to encounter difficulties they may experience if they took a job traditionally assigned to the other sex.

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