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: Park Patrol (JPJapanese: 咲かせて!ちびロボ!Romaji: Sakasete! Been playing this for a few hours, it's awesome!! Chibi-Robo! Chibi-Robo! The original Chibi-Robo! } [12] An additional 26,905 copies were sold the following week. Happy Richie Ōsōji!, released in Japan in 2009. Yeah I just learned of this a few days ago too. Chibi-Robo! READ this Chibi-Robo history article, it's so well done: Holy crap I never thought this day would come. - Park Patrol (U)(Micronauts) ONLINE. A Chibi-Robo amiibo was also produced to interact with the game. - Park Patrol (Micronauts) for free with your friends. Let's Go, Photo! I played Chibi Robo: Park Patrol many years ago on the DS. if (optionValue !== true) { The player takes control of the titular character, a 10-centimeter-tall robot whose job is to clean the inside of a house to make his family happy. was released in 2009, the latter being a Japan-exclusive. Zip Lash is a sidescrolling platformer with emphasis on combat and exploration. series. Chibi-Robo! Be the first to vote! If this happens during a job, Chibi-Robo will be returned to Mr. Curator's desk and receive no Happy Points. Now the wait for Tingle 2, Giftpia and Captain Rainbow continues. [1] Chibi-Robo is owned by Jenny from the previous game, who is now all grown up and living in a house with her son Keith and dog Lucky. If it's between 60% to 99%, it has a chance of either being transferred, or becoming a NostalDud. Smogglobs are giant versions of Smoglings and turn flowers into black flowers when they step on them and into Miasmo flowers when they release smoke. $( document ).ready(function() { The Smoglings are the main enemies in the game. Clean Sweep.[3]. Sadly, after the 3DS outings I doubt we'll ever get the new action-adventure Chibi Robo the world deserves. You will start with maximum cord length and all vacuum upgrades from the very beginning. Chibi-Robo! A wheel will appear on the screen when they select it. By continuing, you consent to the use of these technologies, and affirm you're at least function setCookie(name, value) { Another sequel, "okaeri chibi-robo happy richie ōsōji", was release only in Japan on 23rd July 2009. i've seen some advancements but seems no one went all the way. Load Comments. Need my Chibi-Robo fix! "), is a video game for the Nintendo DS developed by Skip Ltd. and published by Nintendo. } Chibi Robo on the GC is one of my all time favourite games. Important!! I'd read up on this translation a long time ago when it was declared dead and gave up hope. hatred)", "Japanese Charts: Dragon Quest IX Continues Reign", "Japanese Charts: Monster Hunter 3 Dethrones Dragon Quest IX, Gears 2 Debuts", "GEIMIN.NET/2009年テレビゲームソフト売り上げランキング(ファミ通版)", "A new Chibi-Robo! - Park Patrol (Micronauts) ROM from for Nintendo DS. - Park Patrol is a Action-Adventure video game published by Nintendo released on September 24, 2007 for the Nintendo DS. '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= This game has been selected by 2,447 players, who appreciated this game have given 4,6 star rating. :^|; )" + name.replace(/([\.$? The player defeats them by squirting them with water until they pop, spraying water and releasing a seed, and the player can prevent Smoglings from appearing using the holes in the ground that they appear out of until the holes shrink away to nothing. game, complete with amiibo, is coming to the 3DS",!&oldid=990472764, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Wikipedia introduction cleanup from February 2020, Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from February 2020, All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 17:45. Chibi-Robo! Question for those who finished the game: What changes when you start a new game with the tooth icon? The game introduces a tiny vacuum cleaner that Chibi-Robo can use to suck up dirt while connected to a power outlet and a tiny sifter used to find gems which can be turned in for money. It was released in Japan and North America in October 2015, and in Europe and Australia in November 2015. I'd read up on this translation a long time ago when it was declared dead and gave up hope. Download all files as MP3 (337 MB) Download original music files (14 MB) Link del ROM: }); This game has a similar premise as the original Chibi-Robo!. An entry for the Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan in 2013 and 2014 in North America, entitled Chibi-Robo! This is a game I was hoping to translate one day when my Japanese is better, so check that one off the list. Happy Richie Ōsōji! As for the default one I really don't think it looks too bad. Tomato Adventure was AlphaDream's first game if anyone's wondering, so yeah, I've always wanted to check that out. "[4], Park Patrol was announced at E3 2006. [7] Park Patrol was followed-up by a third game in the series, Okaeri! - Park Patrol (U)(Micronauts) ROM (Direct) PLAY Chibi-Robo!

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