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google pixel 3a battery life

Does the phone just sit on a desk face up all day?

Don’t get angry. 1 year ago. So, in this article, we will discuss the methods to fix Google Pixel 3A XL Battery Draining Issue. No phone will do better than this and I dare say the 3a has THE best battery life! There's a few pictures of my battery settings. I care about when I need to recharge. Period. Don't play games. You said you're only getting an hour forty SoT but that picture shows the still have 54%. Here’s at least one area where the Pixel 3a tops Google’s other phones. Btw good luck returning it with the 30 day warranty if the screen is already cracked. Try restricting background data from most apps. Have done that already. ... the phones have received extremely positive feedback from reviewers not only for its camera but also for its battery life. Many users have used these methods are found working. I don't care about SOT.

20 - 50 minutes . 10 hours of Ambient Display?

If you're only getting 1.5hrs of SoT then something is wrong. Thanks for the suggestion. I average 3 full days between charges, 2 and a half days if I really use the camera a lot. Based on that logic you're really getting closer to 3.5 hours of SoT. Sections. 3aXL and I get 6-10hrs depending on what I'm doing during those hours. Is that good? Moderate .

I have a Pixel 3A and I see these people getting great sot time with the XL.

If you're getting less than 2 something is definitely wrong. 3a - light to medium user, have Always On Display enabled, make phone calls, occasional video call and fair bit of messaging, use the camera and google photos a lot - I don't use any social media, FB/ twitter garbage. Check rouge apps, turn of digital well being, make sure you are not on a static ip. But there are a few tweaks you can make to improve battery life on your Google Pixel 3. You probably screwed up there man. 3aXL and I get 6-10hrs depending on what I'm doing during those hours. Screen 13 steps; Plastic Midframe 5 steps; Google Pixel 3a Battery Disconnect 1 step; Battery 7 steps; Flags.

I'm even on the beta 4 of Q. I've had my phone using GPS for 3 hours today unplugged and I'm still at 66% battery. Currently at 2.5hr SOT with 64% left. Depending on how heavily you use your phone, and how strong your signal is that's not terrible SoT. you could try following the instructions in this post to prevent Gboard from draining battery! Google Pixel 3a Battery Replacement. The battery draining issues are difficult to fix, but we will try some efficient methods that can solve it. Don’t get angry. For me, I don't use ambient display and I keep battery saver on all the time and I average about 6 hours of SOT. The Pixel 3a sports a 3,000 mAh battery while the Pixel 3a XL sports a 3,700 mAh battery. Google Pixel 3 is a great phone for all those who want to be updated and want to use the latest technology and apps.

Difficulty. If you have any other problems relating to any gadgets, then feel free to contact Gadget Features Forum. Nothing in my battery statistics says there should be an issue. I'm confused. I'm getting 1hr 40 mins on average of sot. If you own this device and having issues with battery life, it does not necessarily mean the phone is faulty. 4. Press J to jump to the feed. Click the three dots menu in the top right of the battery screen and hit Show Full Device Usage and take another screenshot. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

It seems like I'm constantly charging the phone...I don't think I have any crazy battery dropping apps. Currently at 2.5hr SOT with 64% left. Steps. Unofficial Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3aXL discussion subreddit! Best maybe not but it is quite phenomenal⚡.

26. At the Google I/O, Google launched the new Pixel 3a and 3a XL phones which deliver great value for money. Featured Guide. Unless if you really want to, try turning off ambient display?

I restrict a lot of my background data for social media apps, and I don't use ambient display (which might be the culprit of the battery issue). Something is definitely killing your battery. I'm getting 6-9 hours SoT on my Pixel 3aXL. Battery Life. There's something wrong either app wise or your battery is a dud which sounds hella rare. That might give is some more info. Unfortunately, the Google Pixel 3 XL and 3a weren’t actually included on the battery list, so we haven’t included those phones on our graph. The life of the battery mainly depends on the usage, apps, and certain settings.

You should download AccuBattery to see if your battery is actually the same capacity as it should be.

I'm not too much of an expert on these things. I average 5-7 hours SOT on my 3a.

Products used in this guide. Featured. 1. Time Required . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Written By: Arthur Shi (and 2 other contributors) Comments: 16; Favorites: 2; Completions: 5; Featured Guide. I average anywhere from 4 to 7 sot, so something is definitely wrong on your phone. It should turn off if it's in your pocket or flipped face down.

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