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home hub 3000 ethernet port speed


If they don't I'll continue to use wired for the most part because thats the only way I can get even close to the 1.5. ‎18-11-2019

It’s not moving that much data.

My router is a TP Link W9970 which only has 100Mb ports, so I just connect one port of that router, to my 8 port switch, as I just have a 10Mb ADSL connection, which is plenty fast enough for what I need. I tried connecting via the switch (RP4->switch->HH6) and the RP4 states via ethtool that it's connected at 100Mbps.

Auto negotiation still does what its supposed to, but if you add a 10/100 device into a gigabit LAN, the gigabit devices will drop down to 100mb speeds whilst remaining on gigabit duplex. Depending on your perspective, the only downside to the Bell service is that the Home Hub 3000 is required to manage delivery of all services: Television, Internet and phone. A gigabit switch will communicate with gigabit clients at 1000mbps, and also communicate with fast Ethernet clients at 100mbps.

That used to be true when using network hubs. Does this mean the HH6 ports are faulty, or it is a protocol negotiation error?

Announcements, Guides & Community Updates, 6h59. Bell’s Home Hub 2000 uses 802.11ac technology, which lets you access the fastest Wi-Fi speeds available. bell home hub 3000 ethernet ports, Bell Home Hub 3000 Modem/Router Sagemcom F@st 5566. (building has 500 units, so imagine the mess).

Did not know the speed Smartthings hub was running until now - thank you all.

All my cables are fine and I've tried changing ports and cables, but I can only connect with 100MBps. There seems to be no way to check via the HH6 manager ( that the port is actually gigabit (the HH5 chows the connection speed). on Of course. Most, if not all routers provided by an ISP will suffer from this which is exactly my point. I’m not a network engineer or anything, so please correct me if I’m wrong. Do some reading about networking and you’ll see that you’re wrong. I was in the 600ish Mbps I am now in the 700 Mbps so a nice bump in speed for the download speed. That is how an Ethernet switch works.

I'm reasonably experienced with building PC's and I've happily built a raspberry pi 4 NAS, but I'm afraid all the network talk has left me baffled! I live in a condo, and have 2.4 turned off, cause it's useless. This means that I can conveniently move my receivers and televisions around the house without any hassle. go wired directly to modem you'll get much faster speeds. (Asus, netgear, dlink), Generally speaking, a LAN is only as fast as its slowest component. The link you provided seems exactly my issue. If you can afford it, then I would substitute the TP Link switch, for a Netgear GS105Ev2. 12h35. My router is connected to one port of my eight port Netgear switch, so it distributes the Internet to anything connected to that switch.

Again, thanks for taking the time to reply.

Ethernet is also available. Just wondering, what kind of speeds do you guys get on 5Ghz wifi? @licquorice funnily enough I was just reading about that!

It doesn’t need gigabit.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

They will work with only 4 wires but not at Gbe speed.

To find out how BT are responding to Coronavirus please visit this page. Bell and other ISP's know about speediest and all the other well known ones and create tunnels so that it looks like you're getting what they're selling you. Using AX11000 router instead of home hub 3000 question. This is the confirmation I was looking for… One of the internet lights on my Netgear router turned amber after I connected the Smartthings hub to it.

One is an 8 port Netgear GS108Ev3 and the other is a 5 port Netgear GS105Ev2. ‎17-11-2019 That is how an Ethernet switch works. All local Ethernet traffic is handled by the Netgear switches, so none of that is passed via the TP Link router.


Bell Home Hub 3000, port forwarding internal -> external -> internal not working.

‎18-11-2019 Cookies help us deliver our Services. ‎18-11-2019 Is there any way in HH6 settings that I can view this as I am having troubles with LAN speed.

‎18-11-2019 (1,517) Penny saved attitude I guess. I recently hooked up the hub and my switch is only showing 100Mbps connection.

I do not use a BT home hub, however there have been a number of posts regarding LAN speed issues, where a device, or another Ethernet switch, cannot negotiate the correct speed due to hardware tolerances.

- edited The NETGEAR GS1088-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch is the best Ethernet switch for the unpretentious network builder who just wants to split a single connection between various devices. The answer may be to use a better quality Ethernet switch than the TP Link one.

Not sure. Regardless of how much data it sends / receives, if it’s only 10/100 it will bring the whole LAN down to 10/100. Would this be a better route? My Experiences with the Bell Home Hub 3000 (3,423) How DynDNS Works (2,231) I now have Linux installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S. (1,642) Getting Pulseaudio to schedule real-time threads under Debian / Stretch and beyond. What would the hub possibly need with gigabit speeds.

This is just a community. 8h31 Yeah plugging in an ehrernet cable is the only way to unlock the full speed.

I'd rather not spend lots of money on this, but many people on these forums have stated they have exchanged their HH6 for another router. I recently hooked up the hub and my switch is only showing 100Mbps connection. I cannot find this setting on the HH6, just that a device is connected.

I wonder if that is the problem you are having with the LAN ports on the HH6?

You will be able to see all the connection speeds via the Netgear web management port, which allows you to do lots of other things. This is my first post and I apologize if this has been answered but I have not been able to find technical specs. 12h40.

I wouldn’t exactly call a 10Gb switch mainstream.

I feel like I'm really going down the rabbit hole now!

but if I plugged in any 10/100 device, the PC drops down to 100mb. HH 6 Gigabit to view what speed connected? each LAN port was connected. Do you have a reference or any data from your own experience to support this claim?

If I unplug everything except the raspberry pi NAS and query the NAS with ethtool, I get the result that the raspberry pi 4 can achieve gigabit connection, but the active link is only 100Mbps. on This is my first post and I apologize if this has been answered but I have not been able to find technical specs.

Then go onto the Bell router and disable Wifi. 12h29. Favourite. Yes, that’s correct. on If I'm reading the link you sent correctly, I presume I should add a gigabit network switch directly to the RP4 and then the switch to the HH6?

The issue of buffering media on the remote Kodi box in another room presented itself when I added a TP-Link 5 port gigabit switch in the other room to connect Moore devices to my home network. Only if you are running a hub, not a switch.

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