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how to clean small sardines

Run your thumb along the spine and push out the bloody guts. Starting at the point where the tail meets the body, cut the belly open with your paring knife, scrape out the entrails with your finger, and discard them.

Fullscreen. Hold the sardine upside down in the palm of one hand. Rinse the inside of the sardine under cold running tap water. Under gently running cold water, rinse the sardines. Using the cutting edge on an open pair of kitchen scissors, gently clean away the scales, scraping from the tail up towards the head. Remove the scales by scraping with the blade of a knife in short sharp bursts against the grain of the scales and back again. Take care here, because too much pressure can tear the skin. Then cut open the belly of the fish using a sharp knife or a pair of scissors up until the part where the tail starts.

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