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how to make sweet popcorn with honey

But whenever I have tried them in the past, they have always been disappointing. Love this idea! This is the most addicive snack though so Beware! All along i had wanted to know the procedures of sweet honey pop cones and your prescriptions have been helpful. Thanks for the idea of using cinnamon and honey on my popcorn – I regularly make it using coconut oil, and the more I think about adding sweetness and warmth with cinnamon and honey, the more I want them right now! Learn how your comment data is processed. Once coated, sprinkle sugar on top and cover with a lid. Powered by WordPress. Putting this ideas aside for my next get together. I never think to make popcorn balls though, but I love how these look with the cocktail sticks in them. Directions. I popped the popcorn separately and poured the mixture over it afterwards before finishing it off in the oven. However you form the popcorn, though, let me just assure you that you will love the flavor of these popcorn balls. And the recipe developer side of me knows that they’re usually chocked full of corn syrup, and butter, and/or sugar-laden marshmallows to hold them together. Tags: Clean Eating, dairy free, Gluten Free, healthy, healthy desserts, healthy kids, honey, Kids, plantbased, popcorn, quick, snack, snacks, vegetarian, That’s a keeper! I’ll admit — I have long been a fan of the classic popcorn ball. Then you just heat coconut oil and honey together over the stove for a couple minutes, stir in vanilla, and pour over the popcorn. Or you can use microwave popcorn like we did this week.

These look amazing – and anything involving popcorn sounds pretty awesome to me!

For a long time, it has been the typical food served at cinemas because it is easy to prepare, appealing, and not messy. The caramelized honey sauce is rich without being TOO sweet, and you have the option to add salt on top of the popcorn, which you already know I highly recommend. We haven’t had issues with it not sticking, so we’re not sure what went wrong.

Popcorn is one of the things that popup (pun unintended) in many folk’s minds when they go to see a movie at the cinema. Hi Nicolette, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the recipe. Get all the inspiration delivered directly to your inbox.

Yummy salty sweet combo. yum, This looks amazing!

Looks delicious! However, we wouldn’t color the popcorn before putting the honey on it. Pour this … Let cool to room temperature. (You may need to let the popcorn rest for a few minutes so that you don’t burn your fingers!).

If you […].

I must have this recipe down to an art that I don’t get the burnt bottom but since it seems like it’s a reoccurring issue for some- I’ve changed it up! However, I must admit the bottom of my pan got burnt, next time I may try adding honey after the popcorn is ready. You know in Uganda we make them locally and its a good business venture. Pour over popcorn, toss to coat and use a spoon to mix the honey mixture and coat all of the popcorn. 4.82 from 16 votes.

Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients. Actually, we all agreed that it was kind of nice that they weren’t sickeningly sweet like usual. I really appreciate it! Or yesterday as I posted it on Instagram and Stories yesterday for an exciting sneak of the new Momentum bracelets we got with the new fall colors and sayings. Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Wicked Half Race Report, Obviously I need to be eating this right now! But the sea-salty flavor of the popcorn combined perfectly with the honey, and I loved them. Transfer your popcorn into a serving dish and treat yourself to a nice movie as you munch it. Microwave the paper bag for 2 – 2 1/2 minutes or until there is a 5 second pause between pops. The recipe is most accurate using weights measurements. In a large pot, combine butter, water and sugar. Stir and toss to coat all of the popcorn. Thanks for supporting the brands with help make this site possible! Pinned! INGREDIENTS. I was wondering if you have recommendations for how I could color the popcorn. Metric - US Cups/Ounces. Yum! I tried this and I found the flavor of the cinnamon to be nicer added after the fact (but this is just personal preference! September 1, 2019. This post details an easy honey popcorn recipe that you can try out in the comfort of your home. Last week I already said I recently had a sudden urge to start popping popcorn myself. If desired, stick a bamboo skewer or a popsicle stick into the center of the popcorn ball. Add corn to a standard lunch-size brown paper bag and fold the top of the bag over twice, pressing the fold tightly so the bag stays closed. Who ever paired popcorn and movies together was pretty much amazing (and it turns out, there’s quite a story behind popcorn/the movies). Place popcorn in a large mixing bowl. Pop your corn, place … Place half of popcorn in a large bowl, add 1 Tbs of honey and mix. They are ginormous and make you feel like you’re biting into a mile-high burger. Learn how your comment data is processed. I felt this Simply Sweet Honey Popcorn was perfect for the first day of fall, and especially when it falls on a Friday! I love replacing corn syrup with honey, it works so well as a substitute, and so nice when you can make a treat a bit healthier! Thank you for the recipe anyway :)). Heat 3 tbsp (45 mL) vegetable oil and three popcorn kernels … My youngest loves popcorn it is his go to snack and he also loves cinnamon! Your additions sound delicious as well, I’ll be giving it a try , Your email address will not be published.

So I made this again and decided to switch up the instructions.

Hi Ampaire,

★☆ sounds awesome!

With the weather we’re having I wasn’t sure what I would post today, the Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars I showed on Instagram Stories this week, this popcorn, pumpkin oatmeal, or something with apples. Love from – a lifestyle, cooking, fashion blog.

I love this honey popcorn recipe.

Take out of the oven and keep stirring the mixture every few minutes. I have added cups for those that prefer using cups. Heat honey in a small saucepan over medium-high heat until it reaches a simmer, …

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