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how to prepare watermelon seeds for planting

In most cases, gardeners and gardeners use manganese for these purposes, from which potassium permanganate is prepared (a solution of low concentration). The watermelon variety for growing in your garden plot must be selected very carefully. When landing in the southern regions, you can start working from mid-April, while taking into account weather conditions. After the soaking process, put the good Wells are prepared in the formed ridges at a distance of 1 m from each other and seeds are sown. Summer is the best time to plant watermelons in New Zealand. Disinfection minimizes the likelihood of young plants becoming infected with diseases or damaged by pests.

Watermelon fruits vary in size from small to quite large ,and in color from dark green to yellow. If seed is purchased at the store, be sure to check the expiration date on the packaging. In order to avoid damage to young seedlings, the sprout is gently pulled out of the film, put on it a piece of plastic pipe (you can use a jar), sprinkle with earth, lightly tamping it, and then remove the protection. Prepare If you’re sowing seeds, watermelon seeds can be sown monthly from spring to early summer. The male flowers generally occur in small groups, while the females are solitary. She is quite capable of growing even a novice gardener. Organics contribute at the rate of 2.5 buckets per 1 m² of land. Heavy melons need to be protected with netting, or place straw underneath each fruit to keep it off the ground. To do this, the material is deployed along the length of the beds, pressing against the ground so that it is not carried away by the wind. If you’re like me, storing seeds is a necessity. You may have particular flowers that you grow every year like geraniums, or a favorite kind of kale or watermelon that you love the taste of. Such a procedure as heating the seeds before planting allows you to activate biochemical processes in the planting material. Pollinate several female flowers at the same time, they will then all set fruit and develop at the same pace. For this, grains are poured into a container with water and those that appear on the surface - planting does not make sense. Watermelons prefer sandy, well-drained soil. Images on this site are protected by copyright—unauthorized use is not permitted. If spring has come early and the weather is warm, you can start sowing seeds from late April to mid-June. What could be the reason and how to fix the situation? 5 Japanese plants that take root well in Central Russia, How do I protect seedlings from my curious cats. Sow watermelon seeds ½-inch deep. When harvesting watermelon, cut the stem with a sharp knife or garden tool rather than pulling the plant from the vine. Gently loosen the root ball of your plant and position the plant in the centre of the container. Watermelons need plenty of water and a humid environment in the early stages of growth.

In addition to the variety, the soil also affects the incorporation depth. Then you can add a layer of Tui Citrus & Fruit Mix. Fertilizing should be accompanied by irrigation or rainfall. In addition, you can focus on the price, but it is not always an indicator of quality: good germination can be both cheap and expensive seeds. Plant watermelon into 12-inch-tall hills of soil that are spaced at least 6 feet apart. Watermelon is a favorite melon culture of many gardeners, which gives a taste of summer. The timing of sowing crops depends on the weather and time when it is planned to get a crop. When growing watermelons under a film of a hole, it is recommended to do it in a checkerboard pattern. Watermelons are a summer favourite! If the planting material is deepened more, it will be more difficult for it to hatch, which will affect the germination time. These seeds top our list for a reason: excellent performance, incredible taste and beauty, and beloved for generations. Watermelon seeds can be direct-sown outside after danger of frost has passed. If the seeds are not soaked before planting, then you can not count on the rapid emergence of seedlings. Sometimes gardeners are faced with such an unpleasant situation when the seeds of watermelon are not sprouted. Seeds of inexpensive varieties can be laid 2-3 grains per hole. When growing watermelon in open ground, important conditions are periodic loosening of the soil and irrigation.

a standard width of 1.5 m should be enough.

When planting watermelon seeds in open ground, it is important to observe the depth of planting.

In addition, attention should be paid to the acidity of the soil: for watermelons, it should be in the range of pH 6–7. For experienced gardeners it is no secret that an important role in obtaining good and friendly seedlings is played by the quality preparation of seeds for sowing. Germination of watermelon seeds accelerates the emergence of seedlings, and treatment in growth stimulants saturates the seed with microelements. Watermelons, like other vining plants, need plenty of space to grow. Particular attention should be paid to irrigation when growing leaves and stems, flowering and the appearance of ovaries. When buying watermelon seeds, attention should be paid to the date of manufacture, and for long-term storage of your planting material, check for germination. What to do in this case, to throw away and buy new ones or can it still be used for planting? If an insect is detected before it damages the plant, they are treated with biological preparations, for example, Fitoverm. Continue reading for all the tips on seed-saving success. Calibration of seeds involves dividing them by size, which allows for more friendly and abundant seedlings. Watermelons are a summer fruit, and can mature into mid-summer, depending on when seeds were planted. For the normal development of young watermelon seedlings, timely watering and loosening of the soil is necessary. Seeds are laid out in rows with a distance of 2-3 cm.

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