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DrRocket. A mathematician can quickly learn another field in its entirety if it is presented properly. I know they are two completely different occupations with different skills, but still the main key is "mathematics" right? In fact, I know someone, he teaches at the University of New South Wales, in the mathematics department and the physics department pretty much works off him :P And anyway Azael, I was referring to the distinctions between applied mathematics and theoretical physics. Lol hilarious mathwonk. Sign up on Brilliant for FREE using the link ! Many will agree they somewhat address the same issues. =) :v - Channel: send me some stuff? How to find acceleration or displacement with respect to time. JavaScript is disabled. The question you're actually asking here is "Is math/physics preference correlated with IQ?" Nothing prevents a physicist from being a very strong mathematician. And pure math is more pure than applied. I like to think of physics as applied math, which makes me think math is more pure. To specialize in, say, superstring theory, you have to learn mountains of mathematics, as well as know all the basic physics topics as well as the difficult specialized topics like relativity and quantum field theory. Mathematics and physics are intricately linked, and so are the titles "mathematician" and "physicist". Make sure to add captions to my videos! Join Date Aug 2008 Posts … Mathematical physics, on the other hand, is a branch of mathematics. Physicists often have more experience of making approximations and finding symmetries. =)\u0026tab=2Want to know more about me? Billiards and Quantum Physics -- A Thought Experiment, The Larmor Energy Represented in a new form of Spin-Orbit Coupling. Will a great dancer be a great Mathematician. The main difference is in focus: it's true that physicists tend to use math a lot, but they aren't interested in it for math's sake. A big book of problems for highschool level math? If the purest physics corresponds to less than the purest math, One may come to the conclusion math is a more pure and respectable field. You could also look at this problem from the perspective of which field of study can be learnt by self study most easily. Generally those who have a strong understanding of advanced physics have an excellent knowledge of mathematics. If complex formulas and equations –– and solving difficult problems on the page and in the real world –– are things you enjoy, then an undergraduate degree in mathematics or physics might offer the intellectual challenge you crave. Andrew's version:\u0026t=0sToday we are going to see how mathematical individuals act in physicists classes :^) Starring mah main spider Andrew mfin' Dotson! They need it. If you were to solve it, you could pretty well count on being immediately offered a professorship at any number of excellent universities... [t]his is, to put it mildly, rather unlikely. No, physicists aren't mathematicians. They each possess a vast quantity of overlapping content, but develop it into somewhat different areas. On the other hand, a pure mathematician cannot earn a PhD in physics and a pure physicist cannot earn a PhD in mathematics (unless and take the time to study the other subject from scratch). I would say mathematician's and physicist's are like chicken's and egg's, they are mutually codependent. Fair point Gib Z. Imagine GR without either Einstein or Riemann. =DThis video has been Sponsored by Brilliant btw! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In my school there is a thing between maths teachers and physics teachers, its been like that to almost every school(i think). Physicists are smart, but not as much so as mathematicians. I will speak here not from the perspective of research, but from the perspective of training to be a researcher. =D First 200 people to sign up get 20% off an annual Premium Subscription! Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics, Secrets behind 'Game of Thrones' unveiled by data science and network theory, Novel method for measuring spatial dependencies turns less data into more data, Interactions within larger social groups can cause tipping points in contagion flow, I'm a mathematician, and I know both can be very hard, but just wanted to know on a simple level. This question has always been lingering in mind, whether mathematicians are better or physicists. i think math must be the easiest of all fields, as it is the only one i could ever understand anything in. Mathematicians will be able to do a physicists job for a day and won't be too bad, maybe even better. If physicists are so sloppy with thir mathematics then why does my optically stored media(CD's, DVD's, etc...) perform so reliably?

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