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integrated marketing examples

It’s not just marketers who benefit from integrated marketing. The ubiquitous pizza chain named their ordering software “AnyWare” to highlight the ease of ordering wherever a customer may be. One thing all these successful integrated marketing strategies have in common is that they are fueled by customer data.

“Integrated Marketing combines both outbound, traditional marketing with inbound marketing and other tactics to promote accelerated success in businesses,” Mark Schmukler, the CEO and Co-founder of the Sagefrog Marketing Group says. Given the complexity of modern marketing channels, integrated marketing doesn’t typically happen without focused planning and effort — but the investment is well worth it. There are many good reasons for your small business to look at integrated marketing. 445 Bush Street, Suite 900 Since your integrated marketing efforts are based largely on your customer data, you need a customer data platform that cleans and unifies your data and that manages that data in the best possible way. One way to ensure that your ads and other marketing resources make a lasting impression is to integrate them into a consistent narrative that can be implemented across multiple channels of delivery. Marketing technology brands offer A/B testing capabilities where you can send variations of your content to determine which variables — such as images, colors, or product offer — have the highest impact on your audience. Modern marketers have more channels available to influence buyers than ever before, and it’s critical to maximize the impact of as many of these channels as possible. Without integrated marketing, you risk delivering mixed messages or communicating in a disconnected voice, which can make your brand seem fragmented and disorganized to your customers. Another great example of integrated marketing with a twist, Snap Inc. understood the possibilities and how to blend brick and mortar with online efforts. Reduced costs and better value. A great narrative video that personalizes our digital world with a character invented by an entrepreneur is at the center of this integrated campaign. The story could be about the history of your brand.

Of those ads, very few will be, Greater consistency within your brand’s narrative associated with integrated marketing leads to better overall campaign performance. Have you noticed how every Apple storefront offers a look and feel that is almost identical to that of its website? Likewise, if some channels are interactive and others are outbound-only, you should choose marketing content and strategies that work for each. 5 Great Integrated Marketing Campaign Examples 1. If you have a brand mascot, for example, you can use images and video of the mascot in both online and offline marketing media. There are  plans to crack the U.S. market in the future. Watch the webinar: How to Engage, Nurture and Close More Prospects with Full-Funnel Marketing to learn more. The company placed “Snapbots” in select cities. You’ve still got to tell your story in order to relate to your prospects and... 2. If you are a museum, you are not going to go to the trouble of setting up ancient terracotta warriors on a downtown plaza without having the data telling you it is likely to attract selfie-takers and lots of foot traffic.

Outdoor ads, video spots and of course videos were just a few of the other tools they implemented. Integrated Marketing Photo via Shutterstock, !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s) , a comprehensive marketing automation solution, you can streamline your integrated marketing strategy and scale it to function across as many channels as you need to support. The added familiarity makes it easier for them to understand what you do and how you can help them. Your approach to combining marketing channels should also reflect which buying cycle stages are being reinforced. Few companies are able to do such a thorough job of integrating the physical location with the online presence, offering consumers an identifiable customer experience wherever it takes place. Stressing customer education online even got them some ink.Â. s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script', In this respect, integrated marketing goes hand-in-hand with. to have an integrated technology solution in place that helps them convey the same narrative across all of their channels. A great example of a small start up that took off, GoPro themed a recent campaign Be a Hero and is using a variety of outdoor ads, brand related sponsorships, and even a firefighter’s original video. The KPIs for data collection and analysis will vary depending on your industry and which marketing channels you deploy. ” to highlight the ease of ordering wherever a customer may be. and replace them with an integrated marketing operation.

Integrated marketing provides consistency wherever customers choose to interact with a brand. To see for yourself how Marketo can enable integrated marketing for your brand, take an interactive tour today. Coordinating with multiple stakeholders will help provide you with a broader view of how you can attend to more of your customers’ needs more effectively. Designed to further a cause rather than promote a product, Always, a feminine hygiene brand, ran its #LikeAGirl campaign. No matter the size of your marketing team and budget, which vertical you operate in, or what audience you’re trying to reach, you can build a successful integrated marketing strategy by following the practices described above, as the following companies have done. One common approach is using the same visual elements in different contexts. Few companies in the world have the level of brand recognition of Apple, and the company has provided a consistently high level of brand integration no matter where consumers encounter it. To that end, they created an integrated marketing strategy they called “. Now the company achieves marketing consistency across social media, email, web, direct mailing, and other marketing channels. Integrate Your Marketing Efforts and Realize the Benefits.

fbq('init', '573364149534092'); You read that correctly! Here’s 15 examples of great integrated marketing campaigns that work by combining content, digital and website marketing, with traditional marketing methods like PR. If you’re interested in presenting a cohesive, consistent brand experience that leaves your products or services top-of-mind — like Southwest does — this guide is for you. Do repeat engagements take place across different channels, or do they happen within the same channel? Follow these guidelines when crafting your integrated marketing strategy for best results. Exposure. Few companies are able to do such a thorough job of, integrating the physical location with the online presence. Now let’s take a look at how to craft an integrated marketing strategy that delivers these benefits. This is a bold move that marks the very first branding campaign for this titan in the corporate world.  The company recently said they were looking to target the 750 million people globally who work for themselves so small businesses should be looking at this campaign carefully to see what the takeaways are. Without integrated marketing, you risk delivering mixed messages or communicating in a disconnected voice, which can make your brand seem fragmented and disorganized to your customers.

as a way to provide the most satisfying customer experiences. If you … Instead, make use of a. that can help you track KPIs across channels, engage customers, measure ROI, identify the most promising leads, and more. Guidelines to creating an Integrated Marketing Strategy. Following are four examples of brands that have done outstanding work with integrated marketing.  San Francisco Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals ran this ad to highlight the need to spay and/or neuter your pet in 2015, but it stands up. And they’ll be even more likely to engage with ads that mirror interactions they may have recently had with your brand on social media.

One of our team will be in touch with you shortly. When they asked for input on recipes and menus, they got it to the extent feedback has been shared all over the world.

With this data, people could order online, by text, via tweet, or even using a smartwatch. With this data, people could order online, by text, via tweet, or even using a smartwatch. How do levels of engagement vary across buyer types? to increase special exhibit attendance.

These were actually vending machines for Snap Inc.’s Spectacles product and people posting on social media while they waited in line caused the buzz to intensify. “Don’t Exclude. Your integrated marketing strategy should be driven by data about your customers’ behavior, and it should be updated regularly in response to new data. Integrated marketing is a strategy for delivering a unified, holistic message across all of the marketing channels that your brand uses. It was especially interesting because it highlighted a number of businesses with videos shot in black and white documentary style footage.

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