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is goku faster than light

How do you put grass into a personification? Superman has no feats making him ftl in combat in most of his comics. Along with the rest of his training/fighting increases in power, Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3. So, I was wondering if he had ftl feats in Super. Then using the Death Battle multiplier (586 x 50 x 2 x 4 x 42,057 = 9,858,160,800 m/s) Goku moves around 35,489,378,880 km/hr. Then using the Death Battle multiplier (586 x 50 x 2 x 4 x 42,057 = 9,858,160,800 m/s) Goku moves around 35,489,378,880 km/hr.

How about this? In Z, after dying and training with King Kai in the Saiyan Saga he was approaching the speed of light.

wow I remember making this thread and its already been 2 years, of course now that beerus and whis can fly around the universe at MFTL which is travel speed. @thatguywithheadphones: spiderman was moving his BODY WHICH IS AIM DODGING,dodging is when you move part of your body just like its shown when radiz dodged goku's kame wave. Well approximately 300 mph. Using the word light in an attack doesnt make it faster than light.

You guys severely underestimate the speed of light.

Look how many people died from a bullets in the war and being shot. See?

He followed Whis to a planet in the anime, although distance of planet and time to get there is unknown. Goku was beaten effortlessly by the old Piccolo Daimao, then came back to beat the younger and stronger Piccolo Daimao after drinking the Ultra Divine Water. This is also why we can't see bullets flying through the air because it's several times faster than our minds can process the image. Is there a way to search all eBay sites for different countries at once?

he has been faster than light for a while, No, and this thread is awful, considering people in here actually believe Kid Goku is FTL.

Energy is not faster than light. A ki attack is not faster than light. He's dodging lightning, not actually running away from it. The truth if this match ever happened it would be too close to tell, but of course nobody wants to admit it.

One more time: "almost 1/2 of the universe diameter"!

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Theoretically, Goku should be able to; take the Fusion Dance scene for example - he was very direct and stern about how to be exact in its execution.

Kid Goku dodged beams which are also lightspeed, If i get banned then you guys are butthurted by the truth and lowballers always think goku isnt ftl in combat. Wiki Points ... Goku is faster than light via instant transmission. If the Battle Jacket does indeed shoot lasers and Goku was FTL, then what was the point of training under Popo to react faster than lightning? Kid goku waited for solar flare to happen, Kid goku dodged laser beams or ki beams which are lightspeed.

Still much slower than lightning so this is a reasonable progress for Goku as lightning is 224,000 mph on average.

If goku dodged the attack before solarflare happpened tien would have cancelled the attack and attacked him straight on thus manga disproves if you think this and goku was waiting for the attack and wasnt moving until the attack happened e.g solarflare feat.

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@jloneblackheart: also just to let to know you saying no it isn't isnt a counter to anything.


We are going to fast forward to the last confirmed power level of base Goku, which is only in the Frieza saga, which is 150,000,000 in SSJ1, divide it by 50, which is the official SSJ multiplier, and you get 3,000,000. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Traveling to Andromeda Galaxy, for example, in the speed of light, would take 2,500,000 years earth time, Goku take 6 mouths to cross half of Universe before meeting Kaio. There were major issues with kakarot88's analysis, especially in the assumptions that Goku is FTL during the events of Dragon Ball, the fact that Namek is Earth size and using the wrong speed for Krillin to measure Namek (He's close to lightning speed). Goku is faster than light via instant transmission.

Goku wearing the sunglasses is due to him being faster than Tien's thought process, which is greatly slower than light speed.

What is the conflict of the story sinigang by marby villaceran?

@midnightdragon18: Read what you just posted and tell me again how any of that is faster than light. Due to this inconsistency, Goku's speed drops tremendously from 94,080 mph to 215.75 mph. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Otherwise, nothing is proven. Akira also made the db world book and he even said to fans that manga has no inconsistency in it. That could very well be a light speed ish feat for anime DBZ since it isn't part of the main canon.

Therefore, Goku's actual speed at the end of the 23rd World Martial Arts tournament (The end of the Dragon Ball anime) is about (31,360 mph x 3 = 94,080 mph!) Tien's execution of his Solar Flare is relative to how fast his reactions are and the speed at which he gathers his Ki.

This is a comic forum, geez. The fastest bullet in the world is the .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum that's fired at 3,136 mph so we will use this speed to ensure that Goku is definitely faster than guns. Spock (Spider Man) outpaced a laser. 5 NOT FASTER: MIDORIYA IZUKU @houseshm: I don't believe that Kid Goku can move faster than light when he fought Tien or when he faced the Red Ribbon Army. However, biased or not, most people would agree that Goku is exponentially faster than light by the end of GT. @thedarklordpandamonium: You're seriously trying to tell me someone's leg movement becomes millions times slower when they run?

@midnightdragon18: He likely escaped the explosion of the ball, and about the Piccolo thing.

Legend means nothing because big foot is a legend and there no facts on it thus dispoves all your legend crap.

So if Goku moves just slightly faster than neurons can send information, then he moves at least about half the speed of sound and can definitely avoid being seen by the naked eye of a normal human.

Follow 519. It's clearly been stated that Snake Way is 1,000,000 Kilometers.

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