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is software engineering harder than electrical engineering

If you like the idea of taking concrete, more practically applicable maths like calculus and light-discrete maths, go for engineering. Data can relate to each other in lots of different ways, but software sets out hard rules that you must use your data in a certain way. Don’t get me wrong, this is great if we can do this in some cases, but older systems can reduce support, such as for new devices like mobile phones or those with accessibility issues. Engineering students will need to learn Calculus I, II and III, differential equations and statistics. Whether you decide to pursue civil engineering or computer engineering or any other field, your peers, superiors, and subordinates WILL respect you if you commit to your job and excel. As I advanced through the physics and math classes, people that were struggling would change majors to CS. It depends on how your college … If you like the idea of taking theoretical, discrete, and abstract maths which usually involve proofs, go for computer science. 04-21-2005 at 10:19 am. In my university, mechanical engineering was considered to be the hardest overall, even though electrical engineering was harder to get into. It is a difficult job requiring employees to work long hours, where a single mistake can mean a massive bug. Is Engineering Math Hard?

Do the new people who come fresh out university know how to maintain/use them? There are always new software languages to master and always new techniques to learn. Structural analysis and Steel design (courses required by all civil engineering majors) even uses partial differentials. Of course, this vastly differs from school to school so I highly suggest you grab a catalog for the University you're thinking of and sit down and compare the classes. I guess I have to disagree with your statement, "Civil Engineering is known as one of the easier diplomas to get". I don't think your disadvantage for SWE is very accurate. Do you have a penchant for logic games, like riddles or chess or something along those lines? Is it chocolate, or is it vanilla? Which is broader? The thing is while I'm majoring in electrical engineering which a lot of people say is harder than civil, part of the reason for my not doing civil is that I found a lot of their classes really hard. See our, software engineers need to #AlwaysBeLearning, How to Have Difficult Conversations about Politics. Yes, coding itself is often solitary work. Also, what makes you think SE’s over 50 can’t find work? What classifies a finger? ... With the growing automation sector, the gap between physical and software engineering is becoming blurrier too. I had to take an introductory EE class this semester and didn’t enjoy that it wasn’t as intuitive as programming was for me. Make no mistake though, if I had studied electrical engineering I'm sure I would have had much more trouble, because I simply like ME much more, and my mind is geared towards these types of problems. When I was going to university pursuing my Electrical Engineering degree, our general conclusion was that Computer Science was for all the wimps that couldn't hack the EE program. What kind of jobs are available? Chemical Engineering programs usually require more lab time than other disciplines which can make the workload even more challenging. I want to choose the hardest engineering major because theres more respect, don't want to do something easy like civil because of lack of respect but I don't want to do chemical because I got a bad grade in chemistry and my teacher said that chemE don't have office jobs which I would prefer to working in the plants or in the field. I'm not too hot with Math, then again I enjoy working with computers and from what I've gathered, Computer Science seems to rely less on the Math. Explore which educational path will help you work toward your dream career. All rights reserved. But the software engineers for big companies are dealing with programming paradigms and design patterns that are so far removed from end user features that it takes a huge amount of work to develop the process and system that can be used to create a website like Twitter. It would probably help to get some more information on you, such as how old you are and whether or not you're already in university. How many fingers does it have? EE is an option but now most programs are opting to combine it with CE. This article discusses how difficult studying engineering really is and how to decide if it's the best choice for you.

No single software engineer could build a search engine like Google, for example. In software, making a mistake becomes a bug, and this is why there are so many bugs and viruses in software. These are obviously huge problems with many solutions that have been created.

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