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is the deep south safe

The quest, the getting there, the difficulty of the road, is the story; the journey not the arrival matters, and most of the time the traveler — the traveler’s mood, especially — is the subject of the whole business.

No ordeals, few dramas.”, The result is a leisurely, even languid book, reiterative and sometimes simply forgetful.

A road trip in America is a “picnic,” he writes.

There should be places that affirm an individual’s coming into his or her own. What happens to Black Friday crowds in a pandemic?

Acres of white puffs blanketing the landscape like powder, the memory of brown-skinned men, women, and children bent over in the suffocating humidity. © 1996 - 2020 NewsHour Productions LLC. Millions of people rely on Vox to understand how the policy decisions made in Washington, from health care to unemployment to housing, could impact their lives.

But I wasn’t surprised at all.

I have made a career out of this sort of slogging and self-­portraiture, and so have many others in the old laborious look-at-me way that informs travel writing.”, In “Deep South,” Theroux set out to do something different. His detractors accuse him of being too much at the center of things, tossing off one-line dismissals of whole nations and sometimes displaying a prickliness his own publisher once tried to soften by calling him “endearingly ­irascible.”, Theroux himself has summarized the appeal of books like his: “Most travel narratives .

It’s a one-of-a-kind sight. In his illuminating look into the Southern mind, Baptized in Blood, historian Charles Reagan Wilson describes the South’s Lost Cause narrative as “a mythic construct that helped white Southerners define a cultural identity in the aftermath of Confederate defeat.” The civil religion of the Lost Cause is on full display at a place like the Jefferson Davis Museum, recasting Confederate history as heroic and virtuous. A completely separate plot of land in another part of town, unkempt and underfunded by comparison, was reserved for deceased black people.

I was encouraged, though, that my particular school lists “sexual orientation” in its nondiscrimination policy, unlike many others in the South. Why does Hillbilly Elegy feel so inauthentic and performative?

newsletter, what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, The best $219 I ever spent: A HEPA filter for my parents, The real love interest in Netflix’s Operation Christmas Drop is the US military. "You've got your spring season, which spans the traditional spring months, March, April, and May," Spann says.

Why we’re still talking about Princess Diana in 2020. Here’s what it’s teaching me about race. All Rights Reserved. Even the cemeteries are segregated. This tiny rural town felt like an island.

The Court must decide whether to follow the Constitution’s clear text — or to rubber-stamp an illegal effort by Trump. I couldn’t even describe to friends and family back home — “It’s real down here” is the best I could come up with.

He is a National Association of Independent Schools Teacher of the Future.

Thank you. By the end, thousands of federal troops had been dispatched to quell the chaos and two people were dead. But there was the darker stuff. My openness about my own life creates a safe space for my students to be who they are or to explore their many selves. Why you can see Wonder Woman 1984 at home on Christmas Day. “In the travel narrative of struggle, I was not the struggler. When I was a teacher, my roommates and I, all black, went looking for houses to rent. A sense of powerlessness simmered into frustration — the bitter realization that principles and pragmatism don't often dwell in harmony when it comes to race in America. The Deep South is a mix of Confederate messaging and civil rights heroes. He writes about race, religion, and culture as President of The Witness: A Black Christian Collective, and he is the co-host of the Pass the Mic podcast. My wife’s grandmother spent some of her childhood days picking cotton. At first, I hated it. When I was in high school, I did not feel safe to explore who I was. I knew that I wanted to create welcoming spaces. . Watch But it was more than that.

Moving to the delta put me in touch with the legacy of liberation that my ancestors left me. Even more remote than an island, it seemed detached from both space and time.

Jemar Tisby is a PhD student in history and a former school teacher and principal.

And that kind of work takes resources. We have to consider what — and, more importantly, whom — we’re leaving out of our curricula. At this truck station, the flag hangs just below the American flag, the two symbols inseparable from each other. Deep Knowledge Group.

When I created the class, I thought about how people would perceive it, just as I considered whether or not it was the right decision for me to be open about being gay when I first started teaching at this school five years ago. The brokers knew we were teachers and from out of town. Currently, my class is reading and discussing James Baldwin’s “Giovanni’s Room,” a book that his publisher allegedly told him to burn because of its explicit dealing with queerness.

The Deep Knowledge Group first released a ranking of the safest … I paid off all my student loans.

Make a contribution to Vox today. Art Garfunkel on Paul, music, and his legacy. Nov 24 Left: . It’s why the current president can say “they are trying to take away our history and our heritage” at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, and still get wild applause.

This kind of thing — a personal encounter with a living legend of the civil rights movement — has a way of reminding you that the worst days of segregation and racism are not that far away. In the years following high school, I began to own who I was and met people who had grown up similarly to me in Mississippi, who talked about how important acceptance in school is for queer people. The current debate over same-sex marriage highlights the struggles of LGBTQ communities in the U.S. Photo of same-sex marriage supporters in front of the U.S. Supreme Court from 2013 by Mark Wilson/Getty Images. I was the bystander or the eavesdropper, recording other people’s pain or pleasure. Even today, the stigma of entrenched racism remains. Nov 25

The racial wounds are apparent here, and they help me see this nation for what it truly is. I teach a Queer Literature and Theory class to high school seniors in a small independent school in Birmingham, Alabama. The South produced Medgar Evers, Coretta Scott King, Ruby Bridges, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Clyde Kennard. The cumulative effect of their testimony echoes the author’s finding that for all the warmth and courtesy they showed him, for all their pride and for all the richness of their culture, “these poor folk are poorer in their way . Nothing stands between you and the stories you hear about slavery, Jim Crow, and the civil rights movement. This is my second time teaching this course, and I hope it won’t be my last — but there’s always a concern when teaching material that may be viewed as “radical” or “politically charged” that could silence the discourse you want to open up.

Watch I could have easily left after my two-year commitment — but I didn’t.

There are black preachers and sullen white bigots, dirt farmers and factory workers who have seen their jobs disappear, many of them encountered in establishments with names like Doe’s Eat Place and O Taste and See. Get our newsletter in your inbox twice a week. It's a place that represents bondage, lynching, and the humiliation of second-class citizenship. The night before he started classes, white segregationists started a riot on campus. Most of the exhibits ignored the war’s root causes in slavery.

First Person is Vox's home for compelling, provocative narrative essays. The first question I get when I tell people I live in the Mississippi Delta is, “Why?”. And the Lost Cause isn’t just a Southern myth; it’s a national one.

We ended up renting from them. Down here, you're constantly faced with physical reminders — the flag, Confederate statues — of our nation’s bigotry.

For anyone wondering when tornado season is in the Deep South, there's actually two separate sets of tornado season months to worry about, and they're a little different from the Tornado Alley season. The Supreme Court fight over Trump’s last-ditch effort to rig the census, explained. We’re told twice why so many motels are owned by members of the Patel clan from Gujarat, and are twice offered some of Nelson Algren’s well-worn advice to travelers: “Never eat at a place called Mom’s, never play cards with a man called Doc.”. This time, he would travel within his own country, through some of the poorest sections of the rural South — the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Alabama’s Black Belt, the Mississippi Delta and the Arkansas Ozarks. Our work is well-sourced, research-driven, and in-depth.

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