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msc physics thesis pdf

At a glance: Application deadline January 9 (for admission in September) June 1 (for admission in January of the following year) October 1 (for admission in May of the following year) Graduate research fields Astrophysics and Gravitation Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Biophysics Chemical Physics Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Industrial and Applied Physics Hard copies are provided if required. Note that the SFU Library thesis submission deadline is typically the last day of the last month of the term (with the exception of the Fall term, where the deadline falls early due to holidays.) <> Ask your supervisory committee to review your thesis and make any necessary suggestions so it is "ready for defence" by the four week deadline. ",#(7),01444'9=82. of Physics Dissertations, Master's Theses and Master's Reports, Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in the Cygnus OB2 Stellar Association, OPTICAL DISPERSION RELATIONS FROM THREE-DIMENSIONAL CHIRAL GOLD NANOCUBES IN PERIODIC ARRAYS, Phase Resolved Analysis of Pulsar PSR J2032.2+4126, Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Turbulent Clouds: A Combined Cloud Chamber and Theoretical Study, Energy Transfer Between Eu2+ and Mn2+ for Na(Sr,Ba)PO4 and Ba2Mg(BO3)2, INVESTIGATION OF LIGHT TRANSPORT AND SCATTERING IN TURBULENT CLOUDS: SIMULATIONS AND LABORATORY MEASUREMENTS, Laser Induced Phase Transformations and Fluorescence Measurements from Nanodiamond Particles, Light-matter interactions in plasmonic arrays, two dimensional materials and their hybrid nanostructures, LIGHT PROPAGATION THROUGH A TURBULENT CLOUD: COMPARISON OF MEASURED AND COMPUTED EXTINCTION, LOCATION, ORBIT AND ENERGY OF A METEOROID IMPACTING THE MOON DURING THE LUNAR ECLIPSE OF JANUARY 21, 2019 & TESTING THE WEAK EQUIVALENCE PRINCIPLE WITH COSMOLOGICAL GAMMA RAY BURSTS, Physics and applications of exceptional points, The Solvation Energy of Ions in a Stockmayer Fluid, UNDERSTANDING THE VERY HIGH ENERGY γ-RAY EMISSION FROM A FAST SPINNING NEUTRON STAR ENVIRONMENT, ANGLE-RESOLVED OPTICAL SPECTROSCOPY OF PLASMONIC RESONANCES, Effects of Ionic Liquid on Lithium Dendrite Growth, EFFECTS OF MASS AND DISTANCE UNCERTAINTIES ON CALCULATIONS OF FLUX FROM GIANT MOLECULAR CLOUDS, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Current Atmospheric Refraction Models in Predicting Sunrise and Sunset Times, FIRST-PRINCIPLES INVESTIGATION OF THE INTERFACIAL PROPERTIES OF BORON NITRIDE, Investigation of microphysical properties of laboratory and atmospheric clouds using digital in-line holography, MAGNETLESS AND TOPOLOGICAL EDGE MODE-BASED ON-CHIP ISOLATORS AND SPIN-ORBIT COUPLING IN MAGNETO-OPTIC MEDIA, MORPHOLOGY AND MIXING STATE OF SOOT AND TAR BALLS: IMPLICATIONS FOR OPTICAL PROPERTIES AND CLIMATE, Novel Faraday Rotation Effects Observed In Ultra-Thin Iron Garnet Films, PROBING QUANTUM TRANSPORT IN THREE-TERMINAL NANOJUNCTIONS, STUDY OF THE CYGNUS REGION WITH FERMI AND HAWC, Synthesis and Applications of One and Two-Dimensional Boron Nitride Based Nanomaterials, SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION, AND APPLICATION OF 2D TRANSITION METAL DICHALCOGENIDES, CVD SYNTHESIS, PROCESSING, QUANTIFICATION, AND APPLICATIONS OF BORON NITRIDE NANOTUBES, Gamma/Hadron Separation for the HAWC Observatory, LABORATORY, COMPUTATIONAL AND THEORETICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF ICE NUCLEATION AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR MIXED PHASE CLOUDS, LABORATORY STUDIES OF THE INTERSTITIAL AEROSOL REMOVAL MECHANISMS IN A CLOUD CHAMBER, QUANTUM INSPIRED SYMMETRIES IN LASER ENGINEERING, Search for High-Energy Gamma Rays in the Northern Fermi Bubble Region with the HAWC Observatory, Synthetic Saturable Absorber Using Non-Uniform Jx Waveguide Array, The Intrinsic Variability of the Water Vapor Saturation Ratio Due to Mixing, FIRST-PRINCIPLES STUDIES OF GROUP IV AND GROUP V RELATED TWO DIMENSIONAL MATERIALS, INVESTIGATION OF THE RESISTANCE TO DEMAGNETIZATION IN BULK RARE-EARTH MAGNETS COMPRISED OF CRYSTALLOGRAPHICALLY-ALIGNED, SINGLE-DOMAIN CRYSTALLITES WITH MODIFIED INTERGRANULAR PHASE, LABORATORY MEASUREMENTS OF CONTACT NUCLEATION BY MINERAL DUSTS, BACTERIA, AND SOLUBLE SALTS, Studies of invisibility cloak based on structured dielectric artificial materials, Testing Lidar-Radar Derived Drop Sizes Against In Situ Measurements, A METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE MASS COMPOSITION OF ULTRA-HIGH ENERGY COSMIC RAYS BY PREDICTING THE DEPTH OF FIRST INTERACTION OF INDIVIDUAL EXTENSIVE AIR SHOWERS, BARIUM CONCENTRATIONS IN ROCK SALT BY LASER INDUCED BREAKDOWN SPECTROSCOPY, FUNCTIONALIZED BORON NITRIDE NANOTUBES FOR ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS, GEOMETRY INDUCED MAGNETO-OPTIC EFFECTS IN LPE GROWN MAGNETIC GARNET FILMS, LABORATORY AND FIELD INVESTIGATION OF MIXING, MORPHOLOGY AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SOOT AND SECONDARY ORGANIC AEROSOLS, MULTISCALE EXAMINATION AND MODELING OF ELECTRON TRANSPORT IN NANOSCALE MATERIALS AND DEVICES, RELATIVISTIC CONFIGURATION INTERACTION CALCULATIONS OF THE ATOMIC PROPERTIES OF SELECTED TRANSITION METAL POSITIVE IONS; NI II, V II AND W II, SEARCH FOR LONG-LIVED WEAKLY INTERACTING PARTICLES USING THE PIERRE AUGER OBSERVATORY, Search for TeV Gamma-Ray Sources in the Galactic Plane with the HAWC Observatory, STUDY OF NON-RECIPROCAL DICHROISM IN PHOTONIC STRUCTURES, UNDERSTANDING ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE AND TRANSPORT PROPERTIES IN NANOSCALE JUNCTIONS, A THEORETICAL STUDY OF INTERACTION OF NANOPARTICLES WITH BIOMOLECULE, INVESTIGATING THE ROLE OF THE CONTACT LINE IN HETEROGENEOUS NUCLEATION WITH HIGH SPEED IMAGING, MORPHOLOGY AND MIXING STATE OF ATMOSPHERIC PARTICLES: LINKS TO OPTICAL PROPERTIES AND CLOUD PROCESSING, QUANTUM CORRELATIONS OF LIGHTS IN MACROSCOPIC ENVIRONMENTS, THE THREE DIMENSIONAL SHAPE AND ROUGHNESS OF MINERAL DUST, ADVENTURES IN FRIEDMANN COSMOLOGIES---INTERACTION OF POSITIVE ENERGY DENSITIES WITH NEGATIVE ENERGY DENSITIES AND CURVATURE OF THE UNIVERSE, ELECTRON TRANSPORT IN LOW-DIMENSIONAL NANOSTRUCTURES - THEORETICAL STUDY WITH APPLICATION, Investigations of Cloud Microphysical Response to Mixing Using Digital Holography, MAGNETO-PHOTONIC CRYSTALS FOR OPTICAL SENSING APPLICATIONS, NONLINEAR EFFECTS IN MAGNETIC GARNET FILMS AND NONRECIPROCAL OPTICAL BLOCH OSCILLATIONS IN WAVEGUIDE ARRAYS, OPTIMAL SHAPE IN ELECTROMAGNETIC SCATTERING BY SMALL ASPHERICAL PARTICLES, QUADRUPOLE LEVITATION OF PARTICLES IN A THERMODYNAMICALLY REALISTIC CLOUD ENVIRONMENT, STOCHASTIC CHARGE TRANSPORT IN MULTI-ISLAND SINGLE-ELECTRON TUNNELING DEVICES, Calibration of the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory, Charge and spin transport in nanoscale junction from first principles, Measurements of ice nucleation by mineral dusts in the contact mode, Quantum modeling of bioconjugated nanomaterials, Stability of diphenylalanine pepide [i.e. 4 Study Guide MSc in Physics Study Guide MSc in Physics |5 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 Student Exchange 22 51.3 Request for Degree Conferral 23 5.1 Study Period and Degree Conferral 23 5.2 Graduation and Awards 26 2 Study Programme 10 2.1 Categories 10 2.2 Core Courses 11 2.3 Elective Courses 11 2.4 Electives in Physics and Mathematics 12 Erklaerung-Masterarbeit-de.pdf . Do not submit to the Internal Examiner at this time. endobj Drake, Measuring Local Properties Of A Fermi Gas In The Bcs-Bec Crossover , University of Colorado Boulder , 2015 . x��_���q�ߧj��y�ו�C A�\��dE��'������XKJER,O��o ��"�{s�y�C��՜���a�?� ��˯��������|�����W���o~��?��������������?�}��o��?~�����ǿ������}��g_��{s����7���g�m��Ͻ�uyl�-�G����ϖ�ߖ~��g�����߾���?�Iv/�i�!��㱈[����_��}��r�?��g?~[�(���t�����;r�Xc;��#�K쮌� �p�ʻGJ��u��-�xs���a.��1��Oc�!����q�k���r���Ǵ��v���8��$Fs�=����D�g�8���ۚ�5�o>������?y���vrz6n���M�����?��_}�"�_}�����o���%���{>�O�|s�%ϵ����/���KXѣ�R���P���������r`_D �執��o�/$ܟ}\����o����������q��I����\��j�2�����[?�E�z6�����]�#�3Z��0��_+v͓�C�UM7��ֱ�����rJ�L'|Zz{�'d���w�N��?|�=5��1�!��+?�c��9�w��Wϒ]9g���-��Ze��ʲu6Qöa�Y�@�/!3�=��kHq��s]s2������տ���r��\�X.��(�~\�o���. Ask your supervisory committee to review your thesis and make any necessary suggestions so it is "ready for defence" by the six week deadline. /Contents 4 0 R Planar magneto-photonic and gradient-photonic structures : crystals and metamaterials. �J�`8��5�3����t�}�N�������!��}�>���DjS#��FB�P�������ë"j�$)��N %Ě�֌�_�ü�C-1�vi�tY��}����JZ�����PL*#�K���s�e�� Intermediate Band Solar Cells (Reenaas, Gibson) 13/14; Atmospheric and Environmental Physics (Espy/Hibbins) 13/14; Seven Master's Projects (Gibson et al) 13/14; Optics at IEP (Ellingsen) 13/14; … >> endobj Email:, Shrum Science P8429 �� �z� .�MF���z����r�]�س9�5�[�%e�un�G�c�*�k���a:wu�O�/\��� ��.����!�*� Physics The MSc in Physics by dissertation is offered in the fields of Physics, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Crystallography, High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, Theoretical Physics.

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