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Companies using orange … Thank you Mrs Sandra. Simple, modern, geometric head of a dog into a triangle shape that looks like V from Vets. Go with purple to appear luxurious, cutting-edge or wise. The X-Ana Software Suite analyses thousands of stock market prices and presents programmed strategies and chart analyses. Holistic uprise is company that sell oil based products. They are serious about their equipment - we sell the handheld devices and systems. Discover a variety of striking orange logos including orange lettermark logos, orange wordmark logos or orange logomarks suitable for any type of business, from construction and safety companies, trucking and moving companies, kids products and sport teams. By choosing the right color combination, you can help your brand leave a lasting impact that shapes a more powerful connection with your audience. Just like colors, your brand has a personality of its own, and consumers go after products that match their own personalities. Make your brand appear rugged, masculine or serious. Most of the time that means follow psychology of color, and our Color-O-Matic tool will give you our best guess of the perfect color matches your business. I think we did great job doing this. Some common associations for green include: Like the calm seas, blue inspires a sense of calm and spiritual awareness along with feelings of trust. Logo design for a new accounting company located in Sydney, Australia. If you’re like most of us, it’s difficult not to think of that refreshing fruit is known for its daily dose of good ol’ Vitamin C to ward off the common cold. A startup in the fintech business that aims to use smart technology to build flexible and realistic budgets. The idea was an impactful, professional design with an attitude and with orange accent onto a harsh blu/purple gradient. Time to go black. Black is traditionally seen as a symbol of professionalism and seriousness. Learn how to make your orange logo tell your brand’s story. BrandCrowd is handcrafted from around the world, Enter your email & we'll save your favourite logos, By proceeding you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 4.8 average from 26,026 A vintage logo for a restaurant. The handheld image works ok or ?? Western: Associated with being affordable or inexpensive. There was an error, please try submitting again. Those looking for a broader, down-to-earth appeal should avoid deep purples. Your primary logo color is yellow, which is all about accessible, sunshiney friendliness. It can work as a secondary color to provide contrast, and can deliver a clean, simple background for a logo. The following infographic takes a glance at the many variations of orange branding, from its positive and negative meanings and use around the globe to its effect on brand storytelling. Food Truck that provides scratch made food with focus on chicken, sandwiches and farm fresh food. Brown is an earthy color associated with stability (doesn’t hurt that it’s the color of coffee, too). Yes, even financial logos can be infused with some fun! Brown is very underutilized, so you’ll stand out from the competition. Companies using orange branding: Timberland, Harley-Davidson, Cincinnati Bengals. These attributes make the color orange a popular choice for sporty outdoor brands. You can create your own logo for free and only pay if you love your finished logo design. Logo for a security and technology consulting and staffing firm that is focused on sales to the US government. Some common associations for blue include: The deep hues of brown inspire a sense of seriousness without black’s stronger overtones. The idea was to show the whale is thinking something. Brands which are seeking to draw in consumers with a comforting, warm embrace and youthful energy should look towards Yellow. Orange is an invigorating, playful color, the love child of red (warmth) and yellow (joy). You’re in! It’s important to remember that this is a nuanced and complex field that requires careful thought. The color orange communicates something is affordable yet of reasonable quality. It is about relationship with money, life values and dreams! Want to look slick, modern and luxurious?

I originally wanted a "bug" that might show the various entities we service: "hoe" (a farm implement), a bun or load of bread (these are both suppliers in my world, a delivery van and a home.

The bias was to choose essentially a typographic logo... Modern, youthful and abstract logo which represents innovation, growth and progress. Designers from around the world pitch you ideas.

Salad bar in Saudi Arabia. This lion has a more elegant and peaceful look, not aggressive; but it again represents the strength, trust and loyalty.

Investment fund company. Millions of people walk the streets of New York on any given day and with a design this fresh, Rosie's will be attracting lots of them. There was an error, please try submitting again.

Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. We respect your privacy and will never share your email address. Chris Beat Cancer is the blog of Chris Wark, 12 year chemo-free cancer survivor. Some common associations for grey include: Considered the absence of colors, black can still be a powerful color to include in branding. Stay away from the dark side. One of the most commonly used complementary color schemes due to its subtlety. Orange is great for brands looking to elicit feelings of vitality and happiness, such as travel companies. Create a feminine and vibrant logo for our monthly subscription box, Attractive and elegant logo is wanted for Sentiment Flowers, Logo design Fresh Design Gallery & Vintage Rental, Logo for a new revolutinary gym franchise. It’s used less often than red, but still packs an energetic punch. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the color orange? Pink is feminine with a touch of luxury. When you create a logo, you should take some time to consider what each color says about your company. Additionally, the color can radiate a playful and affordable identity. A startup that has developed a new manufacturing process in 3D printing.

Our fruits are 100% natural and GMO and pesticide free. There’s just a hint of femininity in there, too. Understanding the right blend of colors can help you better communicate your message. Companies using orange in their branding efforts: Amazon, Home Depot, Hooters. More than just aesthetic appeal, colors help your brand connect with consumers on a deeper psychological level. ANT means: Additive Net Topology. While it's impossible to update your brand's color palette after every Times Square ball drop, just being aware of the latest color trends can do your brand some good. When you think about the logos of major brands, you probably just take the colors they use as a given. They are exact opposites on the color wheel, and when combined together, they become a dark, brownish-green. The right combination can visually communicate the feeling your company is projecting to consumers. Green isn’t linked with specific personality traits, but it has strong cultural associations. Creative logo for Orange Gecko [IT Consultancy], Monogram logo for Motivational Fitness Coaching. Being a lighter shade of red, brands which employ pink can retain a sense of energy and cheer blended with a perception of soothing calm. True blue will make sure you’re taken seriously. Its aggressiveness tempered by friendliness presents a great color for calls to action. Make an orange logo design today using BrandCrowd's orange logo generator. Halloween when combined with black. We’ve collected some amazing examples of orange logos from our global community of designers. Year: 2015

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