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palm oil soap recipe

(I double checked this with a rainforest group.) He currently owns Bath Rabbit Soap Company and is the author of "The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making. (If you have my Natural Soap Making ebook, you already have this list, found on page 22.).

Take that number and multiply it by .40. Again, we’ll erase the “8” from beside Palm Oil. My when I removed my soap it felt oily on the outside. I’ve followed recipes to their exact measurements using a scale.

I appreciate any and all help. This time, instead of swapping the palm oil directly with tallow, lard, or another “hard” oil, we’re going to use softer oils. Ingredients: 36 oz olive oil; 26 oz palm oil; 14 oz coconut oil; 8 oz hemp oil; 2 oz bees wax; 32 oz cold water; 12.3 oz lye . I would rather have something for the kids that could be a 2 in 1 cleanser and conditioner. Ivy May you continue to bless others online and thanks again Kenna.

I’m not sure; I’m still trying to figure it out. You can make soap with up to 100% olive oil, so whenever I need a filler in a recipe, I use that. Do you think this might produce a hard bar of soap?

There are so much to be found that is not in those two categories. So turmeric can be used as a rough PH indicator. Coconut – 29.5 % Remove the soap from the mold and slice it into bars. Pour the raw soap into the mold and let it sit for 12 to 24 hours until it cools completely and is hard enough to cut. That’s where coconut oil gets it’s lather boosting ability. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her family and a menagerie of animals, where she enjoys brainstorming creative things to make with the flowers and weeds that grow around her. I have googled discussion groups, and found out that those who searched for a natural smelling sandalwood fragrance oil did not find it.

Palm oil – 23.4 %

Otherwise, let the soap cure (harden) for 8 to 9 weeks before you use it.

Hello there.. Reply. The Soap Kitchen says: 06/11/2020 at 8:50 am Hi Kelly, Thanks for your message. Let’s go back to the lye calculator  and re-enter the number of ounces next to each oil’s name (so a “3” in the box beside avocado oil and “10” in the box beside coconut, 19 beside olive oil, 8 besides palm oil), then hit “Calculate Lye” at the very bottom. (Honestly, they probably aren’t as picky and keen to minute changes as we are, as soapmakers! Within the article, we note ways to boost conditioning properties in your soap. (Though I have gone over that amount and added extra moisturizing oils to compensate.). May the Lord Our God continue to bless you with a desire to share with others. Oud and roses as well, plus many florals. . :), Thank you for your reply. How do I go about identifying soft and hard ‘liquid’ oils?

(Forgive my enthusiasm). Open the container of lye and gently shake the lye into an empty container on the scale until you weigh out 3.1 ounces of the chemical. This oil is also from an RSPO supplier. If I do not say anything but THANKYOU SO MUCH for your giving of soap knowledge. If the recipe calls for 4.58 ounces of lye, it will only give me 4.5 and then jumps to 4.6. (or seems like a lot compared to the rest of the recipe). How would the ingredients and procedures differ from what you listed for bar soap? did you mean to say palm instead of palm kernel in your option 1 example.

I’ve been making soap for a few years now and love it! And quite a lot of colours change to beige-brown-muddy-greenish type of colours. kindly mention the rate of sugar. I’m so glad that you found it helpful! You’ll get a result that looks like this: To make changes, use the “Edit Recipe” button at the bottom of the page. (But since I have not tested this myself, it is best to do regular PH testing as well, at least to begin with, to see if it works like in theory).

Actually, you can base your oil weight on the size of the mold. Is there a rule of thumb percentage wise, specific oils, etc..when using cavity molds that have lots of detail? You will most likely find a huge list to choose from, if you don’t live in Norway! I found the answer to my prayers and the new tips for my next batch of soap. Cocoa Butter: Makes a hard bar with a creamy lather.

The longer bastille soap cures, the more it will harden and the lather will improve. On the other hand, it’s not compatible with the beliefs of vegans and some religions. There are no comparable oils due to its unique fatty acid profile!

I do need something for a sandalwood fragrance though. Reading the label, I noticed castor oil listed first and automatically reasoned the ingredients were not listed in order of predominance. Remember to keep it clean (oh, so punny). Ive NEVER made soap and ive beem living off my own homemade scrubs because ANY commercial soap dries my skin and after just one bath im ashy! Catherine.

), Olive oil can contribute to a hard bar, as in the final bar of soap is hard versus soft, but the oil itself is a soft oil (and a nourishing one!). But then i put it in the molds for 24 hrs covering by cardboard & 2 towels, & aftr 24 hrs, when i opened it, it was enough hard (not much) & shaped. My customers love it and it is the epitome of a balanced bar-in amount of cleansing, conditioning, and lather. I was wondering if its possible to add anything directly to Melt & Pour Soap base to make it foamy and more bubblier? Olive oil – 29.5 % Takeaway: It may seem simpler to start with an existing recipe, but starting from scratch gives you more control.

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