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passive infinitive examples

They don’t want _______ _______ __________ when they buy the car. The landlord asked to be paid on time. / Runners in the street want to be seen by the drivers.

The store will fix the computer for free. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They don’t want anyone to disturb them. / ______________________________________________________________. An introduction to the impersonal passive structure ‘it is said that…’ and to infinitive passive form ‘ it is claimed to be…’. The French passive infinitive is used after many different indefinite, negative, and impersonal phrases. French infinitives are usually described as equivalent to "to (verb)"; for example: However, this isn’t always correct. 9. quickly from the flu, but so... English Language Proficiency is one of the fundamental criteria for the international students from the non-English speaking countries who are willing to pursue their studies abroad (English speaking countries). (give), 1.

_______ _______ ___________for advice by the President was a great honor. The government plans to release the information. The passive infinitive is formed: / This needs to be washed by hand. Exemple : My friend told him to come at the party (mon ami lui a dit de venir à la fête). Runners in the street want the drivers to see them.

/ They don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. 9. She wants a doctor to see her. As with the present infinitive, there are situations where the zero form of the passive infinitive is required, so the word to is omitted. The little boy likes _______ _______ __________ by his mother. 2. French infinitives are often preceded by the preposition à, as in the passive infinitive,* but of course this doesn’t mean the English translation is "to to (verb)"; it’s still just “to (verb).”**. Passive infinitive exercises pdf The passive form of the infinitive is used after modal verbs and other structures as going to, should, want to, would like to. We’re looking for a piece of property to buy. They’re selling the car at an auction. All rights reserved. / ___________________________________________________________________. She wants a doctor to see her. IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and PTE (Pearson Test of English) are widely-accepted standardized tests that measure efficiency in the English language of a non-English speaker. When we describe the situations and actions we will tell from the perspective of the person or object that acts, it is often correct to use active voice verbs. Example: The students hope    to          be         given    their own books.

8. Dinner is to be served at 7 p.m. (serve), 8. The door must be locked at all times. Dinner is _______ _______ __________ at 7 p.m. (serve), 8. to be + past participle. The baby needs to be fed. (escort), 6. 3.

This happens after most modal auxiliaries, and in other places where zero infinitives are used. the road, we ……. They don’t want anyone to disturb them. The prisoners are soon _______ ________ __________ by their captors. If you love it, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation. Talking about the English Language Proficiency tests, one must aware of IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

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He is going to be interviewed tomorrow. 2. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. / Bob asked to be picked up at the airport. / The computer is to be fixed by the store for free. (ask), 10. La proposition infinitive à la voix passive. / John hopes to be hired by that company.

As its name so usefully suggests, the passive infinitive construction is used when the infinitive has a passive role, rather than an active one. 100 Examples of Active and Passive Voice in English Table of Contents Active VoicePassive Voice100 Examples of Active and Passive Voice Active Voice In everyday life, we often prefer to build sentences that have an active voice. THE DANGER OF HEIGHT Emma Christoffersen was twenty-eight years old... Dr. DEAN ORNISH’S PROGRAM In an age when medical science... JUDO Judo, which means ‘the gentle way’, is a perfect... 1- Normally, people ……. (ask), 10. They don’t want to be cheated when they buy the car. / _________________________________________________________________. Directions: Use the verb in parentheses to create a passive infinitive for each sentence or question. You need to wash this by hand.

7. Une phrase construite de manière passive ne peut pas avoir un sujet clair à faire l’action du verbe. He'll have an interview tomorrow. I don't like being deceived. All the three tests are designed to test students’ ability in the English language, although somehow they work in the same way. Directions: Rewrite each short sentence or question using a passive infinitive: Example: He wants to marry someone. / He wants to be married. 1. The passive infinitive is formed: to be + past participle.

– Can you leave at 9am? … 1. He doesn’t want to be sent to Afghanistan.  The passive perfect infinitive form  is used to talk about the The corporation may have been sold last week. Level **** * [B1/B2/C1] Example The verb "be" is in the infinitive form. Customers expect to be helped when they are in the store. / She wants to be seen by a doctor. The store will fix the computer for free. 6. The landlord asked _______ _______ __________ on time. This happens after most modal auxiliaries, and in other places where zero infinitives are used.

(pay), 4. (send), 3. In the passive construction, the subject isn’t actually connected to the infinitive. Bob asked someone to pick him up at the airport. (cheat).

You need to wash this by hand. ** And sometimes there’s no preposition in the English translation, as in Pouvez-vous partir à 9h ?

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