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reading report comments year 1

Can we meet to discuss some helpful strategies? …takes risks by using new vocabulary words. However, her written work needs much improvement. Relies heavily on extrinsic motivation. In addition to a positive statement, mention something unique about each child. _______ is helped by using hand or body motions to remember spelling. For complete access to thousands of printable lessons click the button or the link below. _ has read __ chapter books so far this year. This is a bank of Year 1 report comments for reading writing and maths to use in mid term reports.

Often asks for extra homework.

…focuses on work and resists distraction during literacy centers. 3. FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century. …seems to enjoy school and is a delight to teach. Religion. Spelling Comments London WC1R 4HQ. _______ shows self-confidence in writing. Bao. There is still a lot of room for growth and we are working on improving her focus and drive in coming months. Shares resources with her peers during play time. Tailor the PDF to your teaching needs by typing in the... Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Report Cards: Advice and Suggested Comments, Report Card Comments: Advice and Suggested Phrases for All Subjects, Social-Emotional Learning Resources & Worksheets, Thanksgiving Resources, Printables & Activities, FutureFit: Integrate SEL Into Your Existing Curriculum. …

_______ uses (complex, simple) sentences while speaking. Is a very helpful and respectful student.

Is always very well behaved during class time. …does not use transition words appropriately. Privacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsDisclaimer. A comment on a report card is meant to provide additional information about the student's progress and level of achievement.

Please make sure to check and sign homework agenda daily. …exhibits good use of grammar and mechanics. Having said that, of course we … _______ is still confusing words that look alike. Your email address will not be published.

_______ puts words in the appropriate order. Has had some trouble paying attention to others during class discussions. @ is learning how to describe what he/she is creating using math words @ is learning how …

Square I will often start with a comment bank like the one above. Differentiated for all abilities.

Grade 1. I really think it will make things a bit easier for you. _______ enjoys learning to spell new words. To help you find the right words, use this compiled list of language arts report card comments. With the help of certified and current classroom teachers, TeacherVision creates and vets classroom resources that are accurate, timely, and reflect what teachers need to best support their students.

Often does not pay enough attention to test questions, leading to small unforced errors. Takes pride in keeping her work neat, clean and tidy for every submission. Is exceptionally good at completing tasks in a timely manner. Has trouble repeating and remembering instructions. Could work on sharing resources more fairly during group tasks. Get into the zone. ... At the beginning of the year, @ would listen to Bible stories and, now, he/she will retell the stories in his/her own words. Report Card Comments for Language Arts and Reading Comments for Students' Report Cards _____'s reading has improved considerably throughout the year. …brainstorms a decent bank of ideas before drafting. 1. With greater effort, the improvement should slowly come. While all of these comments can supplement the information grades on a report card provide, you don’t have to wait to use them. It would be great to see more intrinsic desire to succeed in coming months. …understands that different writing genres serve different purposes. Presents homework that is untidy and appears to have been rushed. Needs encouragement to use more language skills during. …interprets very well figurative language.

_______ has developed a mature reading vocabulary. Social Studies. Is good at solitary play, but needs more practice sharing and playing with other students. Please continue to practice reading with her nightly. This formula is just a suggestion. _______ uses colorful words while speaking.

Social Science. 2.

English, Mathematics, Science and HASS Report Card Comments - Content Descriptions - Year 1. Conditions. This is the perfect lesson planning template for student teachers, new teachers, those required to turn them in, or simply... Use this graphic organizer to brainstorm. According to the reading assessment Fountas & Pinnell, …. _ has read __ chapter books so far this year. __ has difficulty getting his/her thoughts down on paper in a timely manner. Logic: Addition Squares.

Shows interest in a variety of different topics which she has been enthusiastically exploring during free study time. Is very good at identifying and repairing errors in drafts. I find that parents really appreciate these solutions. Science.

__ is choosing books that are too difficult/simple for his/her level.

These comments will help give the child's parents a greater understanding of their child's current skill level, and will help them on aiding their child's reading skills. Is not afraid to go against the majority if she is certain of her beliefs and thoughts. A set of Australian Curriculum aligned report card comments to use when reporting on English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences for Year 1. Year 1 report comments for reading, writing and maths. Report card comments are definitely not the most exciting thing in the world to do, so make sure to mentally prepare yourself. Always has neat book work which shows respect and high regard for her own work.

Required fields are marked *. Report Card Comments For Language Arts And Reading. I would like to see her paying more attention to neatness in her writing. Communicate with parents ~ even if it’s a difficult situation. Janelle Cox, M.S., is an education writer specializing in elementary school education.

Search our growing library of professionally created teacher resources. You may or may not choose to use them. Literacy Report Statements.

Is always respectful to classroom equipment. …progressing very well in writing for various purposes. Just to use for ideas.

Knows her goals and strives every day to achieve them.

Projects her voice very well when communicating in class. _______ is able to learn to spell words easily. TeacherVision is part of the FEN Learning family of educational and reference sites for parents, teachers and students. Her skills learned in this hobby has helped to boost her confidence in the classroom.

of a selection with minimal prompting from the teacher. __ struggles with reading comprehension. __ did a wonderful job on his/her __ assignment. …paper lacks supporting details that helps the reader to visualize.

…loves reading and devours a book every chance he gets! Always keeps her belongings neatly organized. This page contains Literacy statements to help teachers complete end-of-year pupil reports. Is very enthusiastic about ________ and has shown great promise in this area. Here is a list of collective comments and phrases to help you respond to your child's progress. This printable is customizable. Is a very respectful and responsible classmate. Can always be trusted with tasks assigned to her. Will often come to class unwilling to contribute to group discussions. …accepts and attempts to apply feedback provided by teacher and/or peers. Please remember that these are only suggested comments and ideas. See our Language Arts Worksheets .


If working … Remember to also maintain a positive but honest and constructive voice when writing. Twitter: @helpfulprof.

Has some trouble listening to peers and teachers. Sets herself very high standards and strives to meet them each and every day.

…able to point out individual writing strengths and weaknesses during conferencing time with teacher. …notices consistent themes within a book series or from a specific author.

First Day Activities For Middle School Students, 30 Do's and Don'ts of Classroom Etiquette for Teachers and Students, Sequencing Lesson Plan for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Always shares and thinks about others during play scenarios. Is very good at reflecting on her weaknesses and working on them to grow as a person. __ has difficulty understanding what he/she reads. Tends to come into the classroom with a big smile and an open mind. Is always willing to contribute her own thoughts and beliefs in class discussions.

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