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retail communication mix in retail management

Nevertheless, they face a variety of challenges in a fast-paced, competitive environment, especially if they're working for one of the top 100 retailers. Because selling involves personal contact, this promotional method often occurs through face-to-face meetings or via a  telephone conversation, though newer technologies allow contact to take place over the Internet including using video  conferencing or text messaging (e.g., online chat). Advertising, on the other hand, involves no personal contact. What you’ll learn to do: Evaluate the key elements of the integrated marketing communications mix. It is identification, satisfaction, and management of customers’ stated and unstated needs and demands by the retailer for mutual benefit.

The important qualitative objectives are given below: 2. Key challenges for retail managers. Understand and Differentiate − Understand customers’ needs, differentiate policies and products depending on customer behavior and preferences. It can create wants that never existed before by showing the prospective buyers how particular goods or services satisfy their demand. It is advertising the product or service on communication media. You must make sure you calculate your retail price based on the markup you receive and not the costs involved. Module 14: Integrated Marketing Communications and Promotions. They are: There are several broad principles to guide the manger in deciding the extent to which personal selling should be employed in his promotional progamme.

Retail communication involves the following strategies −. The retail marketing mix is the combination of marketing activities that the retailers carry out to meet the target market’s requirements in the best possible way. Primarily, communication is used to inform the customers about the retailer, the merchandise and the services. Acquire and Retain − Acquire new customers and retain the loyal ones. Promotion − It is raising customers’ awareness about the product or service and driving customers to buy the products by offering tempting deals. Personal selling occurs where an individual salesperson sells a product, service or solution to a client. What is my markup strategy and how does that affect my overall retail price? Meaning and Definition of Retail Selling. In order to be successful in the retail business, it is essential to form strong relationships with your customers. Customer Relationship Management, Multichannel Retailing, Online Reviews, Retail Communication Mix This gallery contains 1 photo . Retail Communication Mix Communication is an integral part of the retailer’s marketing strategy. The Retailer should consider the following factors before arriving at any decision.

To assist with or handle the training of middlemen. Product − The quality and range of variants of the product or service. It is popularly believed that one of the main aims of advertising is to sell to a wide mix of consumers and … This is the first step in developing a retail communication programme. Like other forms, i.e., advertising and sales promotion, it is basically communication; but unlike others it is two way rather than one way communication. Personal confrontation: Two or more persons come into contact into active relation and each party is able to observe at close quarters, the characteristics and need of the other and make immediate adjustments and thereby make the encounter successful. Search for: The Integrated Marketing Communications Mix.

Now let us briefly explain about the Retail selling, its definition, qualities of retail seller and objectives . It includes the following techniques −. Definition of White Head: “Personal selling is an art of presenting an offering that the prospect appreciates the need for it and that a mutually satisfactory sale follows”. Collection of all the products and offering the company is known as product mix. Retail marketing mix is a combination of 7 Ps −. We are very well with the impact that advertising has on our purchase behavior. According to Philip Kotler the distinctive qualities of personal selling are: Personal selling has both long term and short term objectives. ,Human Resource Management, Information Systems and supply chain management & Logistics. To secure and maintain customer‘s co-operation in stocking and promoting the product line. Holding contests to gain new customers and keep existing ones. Elements of Retail Marketing Mix (7Ps) The retail marketing mix is the combination of marketing activities that the retailers carry out to meet the target market’s requirements in the best possible way. To provide advice and assistance to the middlemen on various management problems.

Number of potential buyers: Retail selling is suitable when the number of potential buyers for a product or service is large.

Retail Management. Let us now examine each of these tools in detail: Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation and communication through mass media. Good, clear communication is necessary in any communication channel, and that holds for review sites as much as for any … To create a demand for the product, usually three techniques are employed by the marketing firms, namely, Personal Selling, Advertising and Sales Promotion. Sending coupons on mobile so that customers can avail the benefits of the schemes right when they enter the store.

Retail Management 1 Part 1: Retailing Basics. The ‘Product’ Mix: Every organization has a product mix …

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