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You advertise its about the portions but I need to know what each color container equals, Hi Theresa, I guess you could add water to each container and measure them out that way, probably would not be exact, but give you a good estimate. :) Bethany. Shakeology is a true health food shake and contains a huge list of superfoods, which all have their own unqiue health benefits to make you feel better than ever. However , it can get costly so I have been trying Fitmiss Deliight … What are your thoughts? I understand that shakeo counts as a protein but should one use the protein (grams) on the back of the bag? What would it be as far as containers go? In the approved food list, some foods have “(wg)” in front of them. I currently do PiYo and I have a shake every morning. 15? If you have a lactose sensitivity, try the Vegan formulas as they are made from pea protein instead of whey. Then anything I add in such as milk, berries, etc would just correspond to the colors they fit with right? Hi Nicole, you do not need to do five meals, you could do four or even three. Eggs, canned tuna, chicken breast are all relatively cheap sources of protein that you can count as red. I Love This Diet is very simple to understand. If you are still within a year out I would suggest that you just stick with the meal plan that your surgeon has given you. Salad: Dress 2 cups mixed greens with 1 teaspoon olive oil and a dash of vinegar or lemon juice. In a second round you will be in better shape so you can push harder during the workouts too. If I drink the whole smoothie does it have to be substituted for any other cups besides the red? I use NLA her whey protein. Diet Snacks. You have to take into account your metabolism and activity level, not only your body weight to create a daily calorie estimate. I want to make sure I do the whatever is going to give me max results. If you think it is working, it is! Hi Gloria, yes those are free foods! Hi Michelle, This will be a future post. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Can I eat what I make for my family or do I have to eat differently? Confused please help me. I would love to do the Shakeology, but they have a derivative of mushroom which I am allergic to, as well as chocolate and lactose intolerant. You can create your own convenient weight-loss plan using frozen food from the grocery store once you understand how to choose frozen meals and what other foods you should add to create a healthy diet. The Extreme eating plan does come with more recipes. This is really useful—thanks! Below I’m going to give you the exact meal plan that I used when following the program for 3 weeks, a list of the allowed foods, and how to create your own 21 Day Fix meal plan for the week with a printable template included. The keto diet plan is a really low-carb, higher-fat diet regimen. THANK YOU, Hi Judy, I’m not a doctor and you should of course consult with yours. If you use the, shakeology what kind of liquid do you use in it. Is there a specific brand I should be looking for? Working out will not be a problem for me. Hi Sarah, frozen fruits and vegetables are fine. I would like to attain for information on the 21 day fix. I do 8oz of unsweetened vanilla coconut almond milk and slightly less than one scoop of shakeology. And, yes a filled purple container of grapes is a serving. but I am wondering how one would include the family? THanks for all the info. Hi Amy.,Yes I’d double stuff up knowing I could freeze and reheat. Hi. So handy. If I would be allowed 3 yellow containers and could only eat 2, is that going to cause me NOT to be able to get the weight off? bottom line, do you need to eat everything that your allowed to eat everyday? Bethany. All Rights Reserved. -Bethany. You pack with the food you can eat. I don’t mind the steak, but on the days pork or fish are on menu I would not be able to eat. Bethany, Hi Can I replace the Shakeology with Optifast shakes I use Optifast as a breakfast alternative, Hi Tania, after doing some research on Optifast, I would strongly advise against drinking it. Hi Mara, During the summer I grill both. I use an insulin pump and this program is very carb couner friendly because of the portion sizes you can easily figure out the carbs to take a dose of insulin. Or, If I couldn’t eat everything on my plate, is that a problem? The nutritionals I would imagine need to be approved by in your country first. I use 7 oz of almond milk a day and a whole banana, purple container of frozen berries and 5/6 ice cubes in my Shakeology. What is the problem with not eating all the food? Thank you! Hope this helps, and good luck whether you decide on the Fix or on another plan. Thank you so much for this reply!! Can eat whatever I like now,…..BUT, protein for most important nutrition factor. Hi Mallory, Do the best that you can do. The eating plan goes into much more detail than I could ever cover. What should I do? Penne Rigate with Sweet-and-Spicy Picadillo Sauce, 9 Phrases That Will Definitely Get Him in the Mood. Hi Christine, Probably not bad enough that you had to worry about it. I have some Pure Nourish shake mix by Ariix. Encourages food journaling, which has been associated with a greater chance of successful weight loss. Bethany, Hello – just reviewing your site and I have a Q. in regards to the food list -the yellow list – some items have (wg) beside them and I wondered what that meant. Bethany, Is white rice allowed .. What happens if I follow the diet but eat white instead of brown rice, Hi Lanna, No white rice is not allowed. I ordered my 21 day fix/Shakeology challenge pack yesterday. Thanks for pointing that out Alexis. Bethany, Hi Vivian, Yes, it is a green container. I don’t think there is one right or wrong way. The box says they have 350 mg of Sodium, Is that too much? I really don’t like plain yogurt, is there anything I can put with it to make it taste better? And, yes you can adjust the number of calories once you get a feel for the program. I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer and had to go on a low iodine diet before having a radioactive iodine treatment. Includes lessons on how to read food labels and make wise packaged-food choices. Hope this helps :) Bethany. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; So glad that I also found this, I wanna lose weight and this article sooo useful for me. can i hav it with stevia? Do you get the same results without the shakes? So I guess my question is this all of the colored containers. Hi Amy, Greek yogurt with added fruit is not allowed. Bethany. Just one half of a teaspoon of iodized table salt meets the recommended daily amount. and articles about diets and healty snacks here, This is literally the BEST weight loss community anywhere. Hi Bethany, I started the 21 day fix about a week ago. You should always listen to your doctor. 3. I’ve been a WW member, counted points and counted calories. Whole foods are always going to be best. The diet plan goes into more depth about the cxlore ranges for different goals. Thanks! Should I use 1.5 scoops of my powder or do the full 2 scoops? I was talking personally about my nutrition in relation to a gap. I could not find much about the pricing, but it looks like a month’s supply would cost about 160.00 to $180.00 when you consider the bags are not 30-day supplies. Thanks! Hi Shirlyn, The shake is a red container, so any foods from that category. Hi Martha, I would do three scoops instead of two to make the serving size closer. What exactly is shakeology? Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements. Hi Bethany Are pork chops with bone-in allowed on the 21 day fix? PS – I awaiting my 21DF that should arrive Friday and im loving all your great info. Thanks to you and all the others that have posted great questions and comments. Bethany. Forgot to ask if beans mean dried beans like pinto beans and black eyed peas? Let’s say I went to Costco and purchased teo huge containers of greek yogourt but did not realise that they are 2% instead of 1%. This program encourages the addition of fresh fruit and vegetables to the daily diet and offers some guidance on how to prepare healthy meals with a variety of recipes. Jibrin provides shopping lists, daily meal plans, recipes that are triple-tested by Good Housekeeping, and snack options that are easily available at any market. If not what can I use? Bethany. With that said, P90X alone is a lot of working out. Hi Sherita, It’s about $4 a day, and when blended with a fruit or a healthy fat, it makes a meal, so it’s not that bad of a price when you figure it is made from whole food ingredients, not just sugars and man made ingredients.

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