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slab serif fonts

The Nexa Slab f. ont family contains 3 basic forms: italics, obliques and uprights, each of which has 8 different weights. Alfa Slab One is a contemporary font family that is similar with the Six-lines Pica Egyptian font created by Robert Thorne for the Thorowgood Foundry in 1921. Come with 2 styles, a clean and rough to create an option for the designs. The font also comes in 4 different styles, including Regular, Grunge, Spur, and Shadow. Decurion is a modern slab display font that you can use to craft posters, website headers, and logotypes. It’s best for designing signage, posters, badges, and more. Wanderlust is another free slab serif font you can use with all kinds of personal and commercial projects. Knile is a premium slab serif font family, but you can download its regular and italic typefaces free of charge to use with your personal and creative projects. This makes the total of typefaces to 16. Even if that The free version of the font is only allowed for personal projects. Bw Glenn is a family of slab serif fonts featuring a modern and professional design, which makes it a suitable choice for all kinds of business, creative, and branding designs. This is our series of beautiful, inspiring collections of fonts and typefaces. Font Squirrel is your best resource for FREE, hand-picked, high-quality, commercial-use fonts. Cabo is a creative slab serif font you can use for free with your personal projects. A serif font is quite easy to recognize.

This peacoat grubbing, all hands on decking, accordion serenading font is not for the faint of heart. Most of these font families come in different weights and some even have some font pairing suggestions you can use. This typeface is a slab-serif inspired by the letterpress style. Even the lightest of his six weights is enough to anchor a Man-o-War in any Caribbean maelstrom. Nadia Serif is a tall, thin slab serif font that would look amazing on elegant titles with a softer look, different from other bold slab serif fonts on this list. Euphoria is a slab serif font family that comes with 11 different versions of the font, including versions with shadows, gradients, outlines, and more. Serif vs. Sans Serif Fonts: Is One Better. Chunk is an ultra-bold slab serif typeface. Murmers slab serif font comes with a horror and suspense-filled design that makes it look more like a title from a vintage movie. Typewolf is an independent typography resource created by Jeremiah Shoaf. The font comes with 8 different weights ranging from hairline thin to black bold. Harmony among every feature of the typefaces makes Newslab a neutral but imposing font. It’s bundled with two shadow alternatives to give you a little more variation! This award-winning font is a great choice for your personal projects. The font is most suitable for T-shirt designs, greeting cards, and other print and digital design work. The font comes with a set of stylish character design, which will help make your designs stand out from the crowd. Tertre is big and bold slab serif font with square edges. Slab serif fonts are important, because they carry a lot of weight. WordPress, Tags: NH Rail Extra Wide Slab, NH Rail Font, NH Rail Slab, NH Rail Slab Font, Tags: Magz Font, Magz Slab, Magz Slab Typeface, typefac, Tags: Bondie Condensed Font, Bondie Condensed Slab, Bondie Condensed Slab Serif Font, Bondie Font, Bondie Slab Font, serif font, Tags: arizon slab font family, basic, Slab Serif, Tags: download, font, free font, otf, Slab Serif, ttf, typeface, Tags: body text, branding, corporate, editorial, headline, Sans serif, Tags: commercial, download font, font, free font, MADE Likes Font, open type, Script, Slab Serif, typeface, Tags: body text, bold, editorial, font family, legible, Sans serif, slab, Slab Serif, Zin Slab, Zin Slab font, Zin Slab font family, Tags: branding font, font family, lettering, Slab Serif, typeface, Tags: bold, Clean, contemporary, corporate, digital, Display, editorial, egyptian, Geometric, headline, legible, Logo, magazine, masculine, Modern, poster, Serif, slab, Slab Serif, square, squarish, technical, text, Workhorse, Tags: cabo slab font, font, free font, Serif, slab font, Slab Serif, typeface, Tags: arctic font, arctic free font, download font, font, free font, open type, Slab Serif, true type, Tags: download, font, font free, Fontspring, free font, sanchez font, sanchez free font, Slab Serif, Tags: display typeface, download font, font, free font, open type, Sans serif, semi serif, Slab Serif, typeface, Tags: Display, free font, headlines, retro, Slab Serif, Vintage, Tags: bebop font, Display, download, font, free font, free typeface, open type, Slab Serif, true type, Tags: ansley font, black, bold, font family, free font, inline, light, Outline, regular, the hungry jpeg, Tags: download font, free font, open type, Slab Serif, true type, typeface.

Burton slab typeface is new font from Heybing Supply Co, the new slab serif typeface with the strong and unique shapes, that can handle a range of design styles. Rude is a free slab serif font featuring a creative and elegant design. This font was created with usability and clarity in mind. Nadia Serif is a tall, thin slab serif font that would look amazing on elegant titles with a softer look, different from other bold slab serif fonts on this list. Weston is a modern slab serif font that was designed as a collaboration between FontFabric and ZKA11. Violina Typeface is new font from Rvq type foundry, the font with simple, minimalistic, retro and vintage feel character set. Alfa Slab. This cool slab serif typeface can be used mainly for display. 4+ Slab serif is a type of a serif font. A slab serif font is a serif font where the serif is squared off, giving the font a blocky, sturdy appearance as opposed to the more refined look of a traditional serif. Each character was carefully created around a vertical 8×12 grid and is guaranteed to make your headlines stand out. It’s a typography variant that has been used widely for digital as well as print purposes, and devices such as Amazon Kindle even use a slab serif as their default font. Consent. This unique font features slab serifs with a fun and quirky design. They’re bold, beautiful, and carry plenty of impact. But what makes the font special is its multipurpose design. This font’s design is bold, tall and strong. If you find Typewolf useful, please consider supporting the site to help make it a sustainable side project. It has fat block letterings with a contemporary look. Check out these serif fonts, thin fonts and handwriting fonts. Corduroy Slab is a flexible slab serif font that offers both reliability and personality for type on print and screen projects. Z Y M m Aleo Alessio Laiso 6 Styles Download OTF (offsite) Z Y M m Anaphora Zetafonts 2 Styles Download OTF.

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