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slow cooker pork chops and brown gravy

The temperature of the chops should be 160°F. So, I am super excited to share my recipe for slow cooker pork chops and gravy with you.

This recipe sounds delicious. My husband love pork chops. I would love to give it a try! Pour the gravy mixture over the pork chops. Slow Cooker Pork Chops and Gravy are an easy and budget-friendly meal to make for your family. Families are still taking care of pigs, but with new technology and new diets, and they’ve discovered new and better ways to feed the pigs. And this meal is a cinch to make. My grandfather would be impressed. The chops are ready in record time and the gravy helps these pork chops to be fall apart tender. Please let me know if this is possible. Fry the chop on both sides for 2 to 3 mins. It only took me about five minutes to get the dinner started, so if you’re in a rush, this is the perfect meal. Copyright © 2020 Back To My Southern Roots | Trellis Framework by Mediavine.

Cover with the slow cooker lid and set the cooker on eight hours.

Recipe and printable instructions listed below. If it’s falling apart, it’s done.

I’m pretty sure this will become one of your new family favorites.

Remove bones and dispose of them. Thank for share!! Cover the cooker and let them simmer away for about 3 hours on high or 5 hours on low. Just place the browned chops in the slow cooker liner and cover.

Place pork chops into the slow cooker. The temperature of the chops should be 160°F. Cut the pork chops up more and add to rice. Pour the gravy over the pork chops. Smothered with a simple gravy, these slow cooker pork chops are one of my grandma’s best pork chop recipes.

I used four thick cuts of pork because I have two teenage boys who can eat a lot. **Pro Tip: You can do these steps the night before to make morning prep time even shorter.

These chops have a mild flavor and are very tender since there is a little more fat on them.

Pinning for later. This is a “quick” slow cooker meal.

Slow cooker pork chops and gravy is one of our favorite meals around here, because it really is super simple to make. Grandma’s Pork Chops and Gravy. If you mixed the gravy in the slow cooker, just spoon it over the pork chops so they are covered and the flavors will seep into the pork chops. They should easily fall apart. Posted on Published: April 13, 2020 Categories Crock Pot / Slow Cooker, Pork, Recipes, Slow Cooker.

Will it still be safe to eat after I add everything to the crockpot and let it cook for a few hours? Fajita bowls with rice, bell peppers, avocados, and onions. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest, Julia’s Simply Southern, South Your Mouth, and Southern Home Express, and Miz Helen’s Country Cottage, Ham And Potato Casserole - Back To My Southern Roots, […] Slow cooker pork chops and gravy has been a huge hit on the blog because it’s so flavorful and easy to make.

I’m giving to you today and sharing with you a “Grandma” recipe. You can add the ingredients to the slow cooker and it will be ready to eat by the time you get home in the evening. Grab some taco shells and add shredded pork chop meat, avocados, onions, and some salsa verde. One I remember eating for the first time at her house.

My cousin and I would climb up the backside of the barn and sit and look out over the cotton fields and watch the pigs running around in the pen right below us. Their love of food, cooking and family has played a huge role in what has been passed on to me, and then on to Maddie. Serve w/ hot rice … Am hoping to be able to try this tomorrow. This is a great meal for the family. Thick, rich gravy! Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat.

Let me explain how to make quick slow cooker pork chops.

Season pork chops with salt and pepper and brown in the hot pan, 5 to 7 minutes per side. Even if you see a little blood is that okay? Any highlighted, clickable Amazon link you see is an affiliate link. If my pork chops are slightly frozen bone in, do I need to cook a little longer if using low setting? Cover the slow cooker and cook on high for 3-4 hours or on low for 4-5 hours, until the temperature of the pork reaches between 145 degrees F. (medium rare) and 160 degrees F. (medium), on a meat thermometer. Add to the slow cooker. You can spoon out the bones before serving. crock pot pork chops, slow cooker meal, slow cooker pork, The calories shown are based on the 1 serving, which is 1 pork chops with 1/6 of the gravy. Add gravy mixture from the saucepan. Check out the slow cooker pork chops and gravy recipe card below, grab those ingredients, and start cooking! Yes!

Add to the slow cooker. To read about every kind of pork chop and what to use them for, see this article.

Made with love in her kitchen. In the slow cooker, the meat might be a tad pink, and that’s ok. Cover with the slow cooker lid and set the cooker on eight hours. They’ll be fork tender, easy for people of all ages to eat and love.

Looks so delicious and juicy. Start by adding the cream of chicken soup to a bowl. Since you are slow cooking the pork, it may fall off the bone a little bit.

Place the browned pork chops in a slow cooker. When  you pick these up at the store, they are generally from the rib section of the loin.

Cover and cook over low heat until tender and no longer pink in the centers, 30 to 40 minutes. Remove lid, and use a fork to pull apart pork chops.

I love to hear this because I am having to work hard at getting some extra B vitamins and this is a great way to do that. Absolutely delicious! Wondering if I can use a small jar of pork gravy instead and just omit the broth? When choosing fresh pork, choose boneless, center cut pork chops that are about 1″ thick. That looks like comfort food heaven. At the table, my grandparent’s always provided some sort of pork, whether it was mouth-watering homemade sausage, seasoned bacon, tender pork chops, or good ole’ country ham. Slow cooker pork chops and gravy are cooked to fork-tender perfection. Place chops in crock pot and cook covered on High for about 2 to 5 hours or until tender. Whisk together until combined. Looks delicious. Refrigerate overnight and pull out to cook in the morning.**. To make Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Gravy, rinse pork chops with water and pat dry. Pour the gravy mixture over the pork chops. Followed your recipe but placed a compressed handful of stuffing on top of each chop then cooked according to directions. I'm a mother of 3 grown boys a Nana to 4 grand babies living n loving life the best way I can, Copyright © Cookpad Inc. All Rights Reserved. I used two tablespoons of cornstarch and water, but if you want the gravy even thicker, you’ll need to double it. It will be so tender that it’ll just fall right off. First of all I want to say thank you. As always, the opinions are honest and are all my own. After 7-1/2 hours, add the cornstarch and water to a small bowl and stir together. It was so easy and tasted great! Be sure to test the thickest part of the meat and don’t allow the thermometer to touch bone, or you’ll get an incorrect reading. […].

While the pork chops cook, they let off a lot of liquid, so in order to make the gravy a little thicker, you’ll need to add some corn starch and water. I made this recipe last week for my family. […], Sausage Bake With Hash Browns - Back To My Southern Roots, […] Slow cooker pork chops and gravy has been a huge hit on the blog. After the pork chops are browned, simply place them in a slow cooker, cover them with 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, which makes the best pork chop sauce ever. Thick, rich gravy! That was many years ago and times have changed since my grandfather ran his farm. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Pour oil into a large skillet and cook the chops in hot oil until browned on both sides. When pork chops or lightly browned on both sides place them in the Crockpot. Pour two cans of cream of chicken soup over the pork chops. And let me tell you, it was mighty delicious. It would be a hit with the family. This sounds slightly like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Whether it is pork loin or pork carnitas, the slow cooker can make any cut of pork into fork tender deliciousness. I fried my chops tonight. Add the pork to enchiladas with some black beans, garlic, and onion. I can just imagine this as a grandma’s comfort food!

Last but least serve over mashed potatoes or steamed rice. According to, “Pork is both a good source of protein and also provides several important vitamins and minerals.

Add the cream of chicken soup, onion dip, pork gravy mix, pepper, and chicken broth to a bowl, or the slow cooker, and mix together. Comfort food, for sure. Allow them to brown for 2-3 minutes, then flip the pork chops to brown them on the other side for an additional 2-3 minutes. As a city girl, I didn’t know what all went into raising the animals. This good meal makes me have the mood of having them right now so badly. Since different brands of ingredients have different nutritional information, the calories shown are just an estimate. You could use that, but the onion dip mix does have some more spices in it, so you might want to add a few more spices for get some of that flavor. If you made any changes or added something different, be sure to share with us so we can try it, too!

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