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sony market segmentation

strategy of the Sony will focus on setting the list price, credit terms, payment period and discounts. This media company specializes in electronics, video, communications video games consoles and information communication technology for both consumer and professional markets. Wensley, R. (2016). A company’s promotional measures are the only convenient means to build awareness among the public about itself, the products and services it offers. Lastly, focus on building- behavioural loyalty, sense of community, attitudinal attachment and active engagement This will be made possible through efficient promotions, use of intensive and extensive distribution channels that are already in place all over the world. These are activities that will enable a company effectively realize its mission and objectives, competitive plan, marketing objectives and strategies. It can be attitudinal (customers’

Sony offers a variety of products to serve special needs in the market. For instance, they try to have a three-tiered pricing strategy, which appeals to the economy buyers, the middle class buyers and high-end buyers.. more. (Age, gender, income and social winter holiday and many tourists require entertainment... different segments so an organization can focus on the needs and wants of the specific consumers who share similar needs and demonstrate similar buyer behavior. gender, family, age, location etc. direction in which the competitors are moving. Products with high market growth but low share are classified as question marks. NIKE SPRINTS AHEAD OF COMPETITION, YET HAS A LONG WAY TO RUN" Differences between Market and Planned Economy. potential customers and considers upper demand limit. Evaluation on the success of this program is based on the number of visitors the campuses receive and register and the conversion to sales and retention. Sony can extrapolate the historical data to determine the market growth rate. Adopting effective marketing research and marketing information systems will enable a company make marketing plans that are realistic. To intensify this strategy, Sony partnered with Powered Inc., an Austin, Texas-based online consumer teaching technology dealer that assists in providing the content, plus a hosted software platform and marketing and data services.

Springer, Cham. Sony’s major competitors are Panasonic, Philips, Sanyo, and Visio.

plan. The laid objectives must be motivating and participatory to those who are assigned with the responsibility of implementing them.

Its diversified business is primarily focused on the electronics, game, entertainment and financial services sectors. performance. Sony has also adopted this concept by globalizing the basics that are associated with the mother company for instance core technology, design, and globalised promotion and globalised customer service. When PS2 was first launched, Sony had made a machine, which was leading edge its features included a 128-bit processor called the "Emotion Engine" which was three times faster than a Pentium chip of the same vintage. By increasing the volume of output, this will allow the company to decrease the cost per unit. If we are talking about Sony Corporation that their targeting strategy is target a different product and marketing programme at each of a number of segments. All Rights Reserved. It even has its own channel known as Sony TV channel which it employs to market its products. The company Three most critical elements for successful positioning are: 1.The specialty should be different/unique. This process involves evaluating customers’ requirements, analyzing the competitors serving the target market, identifying opportunities, selecting a viable position strategy and then monitoring performance. These marketing objectives can include the market share or volume of sales it intends to realize within a specified time, improving and sustaining market share and maximizing cash flow and maintain profitability. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of each Each plan is prudently developed to suit the product to be promoted by influencing the target customers to purchase it. promotional alternatives. Premium

After dividing the large diversified customer market into smaller groups with homogeneous characteristics, Sony the offered product. environmental actors (such as government, employees, shareholders and media), as customers develop brand association After understanding the unique buying behaviour of customers and getting the required information through surveys, Premium If indirect distribution strategy Also, psychographic segment, there people can be divided into groups with different motives, lifestyles. It will also offer an opportunity to actively interact Compatibility-The first generation of customers who grew up on PS1 prefer to buy PS2 because they can play with their old games on the new machine. identifying and weighing the relative importance of factors considered when making a purchase decision or more interaction with Sony’s employees, price points, advertisements, WOM, celebrity associations and publicity in Identifying Electronic consumer market being such a big market, Sony has set an objective of to claim a lion share of this market irrespective of the economic turmoil that the world is experiencing.

If Sony chooses behavioural segmentation, then customers will be divided according to their buying pattern Sony sells products, and services globally, the range of products includes; televisions, computers, DVD players, Stereos, memory devices, video game systems, digital cameras and lithium batteries.

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