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sunken living room step dangerous

I did a floor like this awhile ago and used 2X6 treated lumber with 2 inch foam insulation between the sleepers (2X6s). When you know that your senior is safe from unnecessary fall risks, you can be more confident in leaving them at home. How much approximately would it cost to raise electrical outlets after raising a sunken living room? Yet that does not mean that seniors cannot live independently or age in place safely. I would be inclined to use wood do to the fact it will probably create less mess and you have the possibility to add insulation to the floor plus it is easier on your feet than a concrete slab. A sunken living room is a cozy space in a home that is designed with open floor concept. Bite the bullet and have a concrete contractor fill with comacted base material to within 3 inches of top, put in a vapor barrier, then concrete it with reinforced concrete dowelled into the exiting non-sunken part of the slab.

3- should be there any drilling on the currentt slab to fit the new concrete in? Sunken living rooms were a popular feature in homes of earlier decades. i can't remember but it is 5-8 inches .. that is about it.

If you have a list of items, it might be worth booking a handyman for half a day to install grab bars, fix flooring, and hang blinds. 1 0. The photos from Dallas-based Traver Construction, are … An electrician can move outlets and add switches in a matter of hours.

Requiring a recession in the floor, sunken living rooms and conversation pits (a lowered section of a room, with seating) are best-suited to homes with concrete slab or crawl space foundations. If you have a senior loved one under your roof or living independently nearby, you probably find yourself wondering what you can do to keep them safer. Every single fall puts the senior’s life at risk. This would depend on access to the room for a concrete delivery. Couple of final thoughts after reading Don's last two comments: 1) if you use wood, definitely use All Weather Wood (ACA/CCA/PCP/ACCA type) - the green treated wood, not the brown "wolmanized" product - FARRRR more resistant to rot and mold. Someone said to insulate under the floor and I agree. 2- what do we do against the 2 walls? © 2020 BigRentz, Inc. All rights reserved. so what is the verdict? Measure the distance between the floor of the sunken room and the floor of the higher room. 17. By taking the time to make these modifications, you will create a safe home environment for the senior in your life.

Ripping up flooring and replacing cabinets is noisy, dusty, and makes parts of the home uninhabitable during the project. The open, sunken living area balances the coziness of the kitchen and dining rooms beautifully. Finding the right one is not always easy. wood or concrete. Removing the railing will really open up the space, you will definitely love it when it's gone. by ContractorDon. or can it be filled with it? The Dick Van Dyke Show, which first aired in 1961, featured a sunken living room as part of its set, as did the Mary Tyler Moore show, which debuted in 1970.The conversation pit had grown up into a full-blown space. See more ideas about Sunken living room, Family room, Home.

For safety's sake you probably need a barrier there - people can make a misstep and sprain or break an ankle, etc. I agree with you and more people are telling me wood is the way to go (it is much easier), but LCD mentioned the ventalation and rest of it which raised my worries, as you know i'm going to spend money and i just want to do it right from the beginning (as much as possible). If you want to test the slab if you have an old mirror, sheet of plastic or glass on the bare concrete and see it you get any condensation under it. the concrete contractor said i have a slab in a very good condition (good news). what kind of contractor would do such a thing? Because the recessed area of the floor would reduce headroom in a basement, rendering it useless for general living purposes, sunken spaces are rarely found in homes with basements. If replacing both the lower kitchen cabinets & flooring, does the flooring go all the way to the wall with the cabinets on top.....? 5) require that any levelling shims under the joists be glued to the slab, so movement of the flooring cannot jiggle them loose.

Answered 6 years ago Good Luck :). The key to preventing falls and ensuring a high quality of life for your senior loved one is making the home a safe place where falls are not likely. Every room in the home is at risk, but some are riskier than others. I have a similar situation in a house I just bought.

A layer of 1/2" plywood installed with the joints staggered plus the padding for the carpet plus the carpet should do the trick. If the picture is your room it appears to be fairly new construction so I am going to assume it was insulated to code for your area. Glad all that replied were of help to you. I thought i answered but i dont' see my answer, so my appology if it will be listed twice. This is the best site ever so far, guys keep it up and thank you.

4) one thing you could do to improve ventilation under the flooring if using wood - after the floor sheathing is down, drill a series of holes - maybe 1/2", every joist space full length on the two ends where joists terminate, being sure hits open space not joist, to provide some airflow possibility.

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