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the postmaster question and answer

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With what philosophy the postmaster consoled himself?

The story shows the futility of the love of the little village girl and the pathetic situation she has to face. Did the postmaster think of going back and bring Ratan with him? However, he resigned from his post and left the place for Calcutta. Where was he posted? She immediately called in the doctor and then gave him the medicines at regular intervals. She failed to console herself and remains a pathetic figure in the story, hungering for a love which she may never get. He appears affectionate and generous but, at the same time, he is practical and selfish too. Question 12. After getting into the boat, he felt sad and wished to go back and bring Ratan with him. In order to fight his loneliness he would write poetry and teach her how to read books.

Oh, simple night elf.

She was not old enough to philosophize life’s numberless meetings and partings.

The little girl got attached to the postmaster and lovingly recalled childhood before him.

It was a long time before the postmaster recovered and was strong enough to leave the bed.

Ratan stepped into the role of the mother and called the village doctor. She developed a deep human affection and love for the postmaster. Other.

Ratan, an orphan, was a little girl from the small and remote village Ulapur where the postmaster got his first posting.

To which place the postmaster belong? Gradually, he developed an affectionate relationship with his maid Ratan.

He would spend time in the evening speaking to Ratan about her past memories. Question 3.

She would sit on the floor near the postmaster’s feet and pour out her crowded memories before him. The Postmaster is, in turn, an agent of the British economic and colonial projects in India.

So, what are you waiting for?

The U.S. Her success as a nurse shows her sincerity, efficiency and devotion. What was Ratan’s reaction to the financial help offered by the postmaster?

He would also talk to her about his own family back home or listen to Ratan’s fond recollection of her past life. Even after the departure of her Data she keeps on wandering about the post office in the hope that he might come back one day. The story is a pathetic tale of two individuals. • His salary was small and hence he would cook his own meals. She also remembered her younger brother and how they played at the edge of a pond with a twig for a make-believe fishing rod.

Answer 1: Ratan remembered her mother vaguely. Answer: The postmaster could raise only 70 pesos which he sent to Lencho, supposedly from God.

Before leaving for Calcutta, the postmaster wanted to help Ratan. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! This is not a Quest But now you can do other achi and get: The weak aura kindly provided by sheleronk (sticky in the comments on this page). You then have access to an advanced minigame, where you must sort letters within a minute. He thinks that nature also wants to show its tiredness and loneliness just like him. Answer. Or. On his way, he once thought of bringing the little girl with him but it was very late.

She started weeping and told him that she won’t stay there any longer.

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Draw a brief character sketch of the postmaster.

Answer. Sometimes she would stealthily look into the room to find her master either sitting in his chair or lying on his bed. Is the process in control? Answer 7: Being a Calcutta boy, the postmaster felt like a fish out of water in the remote village of Ulapur. Simple, simple night elf. He showed care, sympathy and concern for Ratan but all this was very shallow. But now he could not bear his loneliness any longer.

You can also mention that you are motivated by challenges, have the ability to effectively meet challenges, and have the flexibility and skills necessary to handle a challenging job.

“The Postmaster” gives a very touching account of the loneliness of a city-bred man who was appointed as a postmaster in a remote and lonely village. Often in the evening, the postmaster would light his little lamp and call Ratan who sat outside waiting for his call. David Shepardson and Tom Hals. His rejection of Ratan’s proposal to take her with him as “absurd” shows his total detachment and self-centeredness.


She kept wandering near the post office, weeping copiously.

She, an orphan little girl, happily narrates the stories of her childhood and talks about her family members who are no more.

Rattan, the little orphan girl, loved to fondly narrate her childhood to the postmaster. Sometimes he would talk about his own family. Discuss. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. Question 3. The Postmaster was a city-bred man. After her Dada’s departure, Ratan kept on wandering about the post office. Question: The Postmaster Of A Small Western Town Receives A Certain Number Of Complaints Each Day About Mail Delivery. Katy will deliver and retrieve mail for $d, or until she is called elsewhere.

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