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uss shenzhou bridge

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie. Thoughts.. bridge is ok. Like the consoles. Only in the graphic, I hope. He was killed when the bulkhead behind him was blown out by enemy weapons fire, and he was blown into space. Starfleet’s main mission is to seek out new life and civilizations and to explore. Most of the onscreen displays on the Discovery seem to use Changeling, and the turbolift diagram from the Shenzhou uses Eurostile for the large ‘Deck 7’ text at bottom, but the rest of the text is neither Eurostile nor Bank Gothic – whatever font they are using has a distinctively different R and it’s not stretched horizontally – it looks a lot like FF QType.

var minutes = Math.floor((distance % (1000 * 60 * 60)) / (1000 * 60)); This is not a 90s TV series, this is far more like a feature film.

This didn’t set well with Roddenberry who preferred Trekkies, after all it was coined first, for all Trek fans. She intended to ostracize this minority sort of non-participatory fan along the lines of the popular children’s program ROMPER ROOM.

But there’s only a superficial resemblance between that set and this one, in any case. Very nice lady, but not one to suffer fools or selfish people gladly. I think they modified it so much they couldn’t reuse it, if I remember correctly. 89 comments so far.

But the camera angles will be able to cheat that some if they want.

If the crew uniforms had included even a hint of the color that the TOS show uniforms had, they would have contrasted nicely against the blandness of this darkened bridge. Yup that’s the Shenzhou. Justin Lin switched back to Corporate URW (the font from The Wrath Of Khan titles!) Yeah it seem like every chair would be bolted to the floor given how much these ships are being knocked around. Amazing how good the bridge looks under even lighting instead of whatever they were doing in early DIS. I think Voyager’s chairs were like that maybe?

The reason the bridges got bigger was because the budgets did too. So what do we know, and what can we infer from the details we have so far? The Vengeance set was a (seriously big) redress of the JJ Enterprise bridge. Die USS Shenzhou wird kurz darauf wegen der massiven Beschädigung durch den Kampf gegen die Klingonen aufgegeben. But the back reminds me a lot of the TOS bridge chair when they would redress it with that extra cushion to portray another ship (for example, Commodore Wesley’s USS Lexington). In addition to the Discovery is the USS Shenzhou. var countDownDate = new Date("Sep 24, 2017 20:30:00 GMT-0400").getTime(); Andy Probert’s original designs were a lot more grandiose, but got stripped down because there just wasn’t room to accommodate them on Paramount’s stage 9. Captain Georgiou lässt Verstärkung anfordern und wird von ihrem Ersten Offizier aufgefordert, zuerst zu schießen, da sonst keine Hoffnung mehr bestehe. In fact up until recently the only glimpses we’ve had of the Discovery itself were a shot of it going to warp and a few minor clips of the interior. I have a feeling that we’re gonna end up getting a lot of shots from behind the perspective of the Captain’s back, just so that we can see some of the more interesting activity in front of where the DISCOVERY’s Captain’s chair is situated! I believe the font you’re referring to is called “Bank Gothic” and it’s used for the NCC 1701 / ENTERPRISE on the JJ-prise. This sort of ruins my suspension of disbelief that this is in space. // If the count down is finished, write some text So many continuity errors. Wow that is an amazing point, one I never thought of until you mentioned it. Guessing there will be more ‘macros and shortcuts’ than menu diving. (DSC: Sprung).

Hmmm the display nacelles DO look shorter…and a lot better IMO. It looks realistic, reasonable, lived in, worked in. // Set the date we're counting down to Too few decks, and the nacelles, as you pointed out, are all wrong. Maybe they have a “beauty shot” in the premiere so don’t want to release too many random images. Two crewmembers assisted her from the bridge. That being said however it looks post-Nemesis instead of pre-TOS. The final shot of the episode pans out to show the 32nd Century version of the Golden Gate Bridge. (DIS: " The Vulcan Hello ", … Another display, possibly navigation or sensors. Ok then……..Trekheads. It was glimpsed in an early S2 production video.

Beautiful set. And ever since there’s been confusion over which is the proper term and which is a pejorative. Stop complaining and start paying attention. I actually notice some of the KT influences there as well. Now he is way back in the bridge, not sure what he can make out from there. I don’t think I’ve heard any details and would have assumed we would have by now since its only a few days until the premier! Meni, I don’t think that’s the Discovery’s turbolift or MSD. var countDownDate = new Date("Sep 24, 2017 20:30:00 GMT-0400").getTime();

34 Favourites. Something akin to the enterprise fly by in TMP. I hated the moving nacelles on Voyager (and nu-BSG); it really detracts from the scale of the ship. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Die Shenzhou vor der klingonischen Flotte, Nachdem Commander Burnham auf das Schiff zurückgebracht wurde und Captain Philippa Georgiou über den Klingonen informiert, lässt diese auf das Objekt zielen, was die Enttarnung eines riesigen klingonischen Schiffes vor der Shenzhou zur Folge hat. The bridge of the USS Shenzhou is beneath the saucer section of the Federation starship, Cassius Adams is the creator of and is a content contributor. The motto of its dedication plaque read "All existing things are really one."

My problem with Trek VI, whose bridge this somewhat resembles, as well. }, 1000); Very little is known about the USS Shenzhou, featured in the upcoming Star Trek Discovery television series. Auf der Suche nach dem Grund für die Beschädigung entdeckt Wissenschaftsoffizier Saru ein seltsames Objekt, welches wegen Interferenzen durch das Asteroidenfeld und einer unbekannten Technologie von den Sensoren nicht vollständig erfasst werden kann. Naw, it’s a cover-up. Yup, you’re right. Cassius discovered his passion for the franchise early into TNG's run, and nourished that passion throughout DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, and the movies. I remember her ripping a fan a new one in the Equicon ’76 newsletter, and I’ll bet it stings to this day. I wonder what screen resolution will be needed to pick it up and do it justice? I have to say the Vengeance bridge did a great job conveying the “warship” vibe overall “angular, lean, mean, dark” look – and its captains’ chair elevated like a throne… with some interesting touches like circular screens / gauges to break things up a bit. With apologies to Cadet Tilly and Jonboc, I happen to think this is very, very cool. I think the chair looks symmetrical.

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