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west elm delivery complaints

After months of back and forth, and run around, they stopped answering my phone calls and emails completely! (no, I’m not).

And then it transfers straight to her voicemail. These were going to be a Christmas gift and I'm on a limited budge i was try to figure out how to get refund so i went on the google i do the research about company and i found this number which was+1---8 Four Five seven Nine five Three zero nine Nine - I contacted them when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that got my money back thanks for great service They have Customer service is great!I found it. Backorder was NEVER communicated to me at any point by this shady company. Fees: Flat Rate fees, Ship to Store fees, and/or parcel carrier delivery and processing charges are shown under Shipping Rates, and will be applied in the Checkout Payment + Review page. Still no update on courier pick up or a refund and the store are unable to help as purchased online. I am struggling to believe how in 2020 a company can get away with behaviours like this.Avoid this company at all costs, unless you want to be dealing with stress and frustration that I am going through right now....and have been going through for 6 weeks!

I found a voicemail after a while and noticed that it was them wanting to schedule to come inspect the couch so they can fix it. I ordered them in person and scheduled for them to be delivered in April. So, unless you enjoy spending endless amounts of time trying to get your own money out of a company - don't purchase here - seriously.

Do you mind sending a few pictures of all affected areas, as well as a shot of the whole sofa? Is the sofa frequently used? I still trusted that this would end up in a positive experience, but it started to go downhill. They responded 3 days later saying that this date will not be met as it was still in production due to COVID delays. After a month, one of the tubes stopped working. I look forward to your reply. Not so much. The trouble began when I was told that some of my items were on backorder. they took the money out the same day. This wasn't an issue for me because I didn't need the items right away and I could wait. Thank you for writing in to share your experience. Unlike Amex or Visa who will immediately suspend your payments for the items in dispute, Affirm will not do that contrary to what they say. How great?! Delivery dates not what they tell you. And again. I reach out to the sorry excuse for their customer service and they tell me it is ABSOLUTELY going to DELIVER by 11/9, they can see it in their system. I had a missed call from an unknown number at some point but didn’t think anything of it cause… well… I never do. I would not order anything from West Elm. Yay!

There’s nothing there. West Elm Sucks. I waited two weeks and then checked Twitter to see if West Elm had decent Twitter customer service (cause I’ve had better luck with that sometimes). It's now changed to 11/11. So are customer service agents just lying through their teeth all the time??

I would never have ordered and waited this long if I knew I would get such a run around.

Friday night came and we hadn’t heard anything about a time window for them to come. I will say that I did get a 30% discount after I received the couch but I had to push for a reasonable discount because they were going to only give me 5% back after a delay of 2 months...that hardly seems fair. I ordered them in person and scheduled for them to be delivered in April.

I wish I had known this was the same parent company as Pottery Barn before ordering because it sure explains a lot. 110 reviews for West Elm, rated 1.00 stars. We haven’t been happy with either of them.

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