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which ac is better godrej vs voltas

With the variable-speed compressor, this air conditioner can adjust the power depending on the heat load. Compare Price in India, User Reviews, User Ratings, Specifications, Features and much more of Godrej GSC 18 FG 7 BLG ACs (Split) vs Voltas Gold 2S (1.5T SAC) ACs (Split) at CompareIndia. This air conditioner has been rated 4 stars making it a highly energy-efficient system and looks forward to saving electricity in your households. There are days in a year when the comfort is low just because of the humidity. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,90],'bijlibachao_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',189,'0','0'])); Please use the commenting form below to ask any questions or to make a comment. And this is what prompted me to write this review. Place the outdoor unit of the split AC in open space so that it doesn’t block the fresh air. Not only this, the four-step energy control system limits power consumption from 40% to 80%. Voltas or Bluestar? Place the split AC where you don’t get direct sunlight. If you are okay with adding more money to your budget, always go for the best option that provides faster cooling and saves energy. These products may be equally good as the one that I am using. It can be a little out of budget but not too much. There are many such features for the efficient function of the AC. We will keep updating this article as we research more on the modes and options available in air conditioners with different brands. 1) Windows AC are better (energy efficient) than split ac’s. The AC runs on predefined higher cooling capacity while limiting the indoor fan blower at a lower speed this new mode will capture the extra water vapour in air at much higher rate and within less time. Hitachi is one brand which comes in our mind whenever we think about ACs. If sound disturbs you in your sleep, then this may not be the right mode for you. So, if you are willing to shell out a bit more and looking for the best inverter Split AC, then this should be a good choice. Here’s what you need to ask before buying the best AC that should last long: AC capacity requirement is always decided by room size, walls specifications, number of people, sun exposure, windows, and door. Relevance. The variable-speed compressor adjusts according to the environment depending on the heat load. If you see the technical side of it, the main function of these coils in ACs is to transfer the heat. So, stick with the best and forget about the rest. To make a buying decision and choose the right AC, you actually don’t need to know all the technical things about ACs and how they function, and those engineering stuff. For better cooling, it has been equipped with a copper condenser coil. And it finally became a night mare last summer. This controls the PM 2.5 levels in the room to provide dust-free fresh air.

So, while deciding which AC to buy, you should first calculate the size of your room. It turned out that there were many leakages in the pipe and the technician could not figure it out properly. This increases the power consumption. Other features include smart installation from the company, sleep mode during the night time and you can even lock the remote for stable temperature. This air conditioner has been rated 4 stars making it a highly energy-efficient system and looks forward to saving electricity in your households. So, we have come up with a guide before you buy one AC for your home. So, this remains my top most priority. Since you are aware that it does not need any stabilizer but has an inbuilt one to protect you from any kind of power surge.

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Your comment will appear after some time. The use of fan in cool mode is not just to throw cool air in the room but it also helps in taking the indoor air for thermostat to check the temperature. Inverter Ac – Newer technology, costlier repairing, Basically it means that compressor is never off. This will save you around 15 – 19% on energy consumption as compared to non-inverter AC. Now, after using and testing it for 10 months I’m pretty happy with the results and its performance. The modern air conditioners that you will see now have Air purifiers as well, that recirculate the air around you filled with harmful particles and gases and provides fresh air to breathe keeping the room cool as well. Moreover, the start-up voltage required to start the AC is 100V which is very low. Every product that you will find in this list will be the best air conditioner in India used by hundreds and thousands of people. There are multiple modes that automatically adjust according to the weather conditions and keeps the atmosphere cool. Should I go only with AC manufacturer brand or with any good brand? ennaira. capacities depending on number of people and ambient weather conditions. not only does it provides better cooling but also is environment-friendly, which you will not find in other air conditioners. Again, I had to buy extra 7 meters of copper coil, which was ridiculously expensive. Modern ACs come with same technologies and are equally good with pros & cons. Your email address will not be published. Almost every brand has been mentioned in the list for your benefit. So now, the choice is yours. Similarly, this AC has been equipped with double filtration technology to keep the air around you clean and free from any particles. Should I select based on the performance or based on high-end brand names? LG air conditioners have a special Ocean Black Protection applied to both Indoor & Outdoor units. Some people may choose Godrej based on the Indian originality and some people may chose Hitachi because of the brand popularity. Also, you don’t need an external stabilizer to manage the voltage change, the inbuilt takes care of it. This surely is an electricity saving option during high humidity days as even the fan motor is running at a slow speed and even the compressor is on for smaller duration. It may last for just 30 days or even for 10 years. Use curtains on the window to avoid direct sunlight. Close up all your tabs because we have got it all covered.

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