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white goose down fill

The larger the down cluster the more mature the bird from which it came.

There is one caveat to this however. Many consumers simply assume that the "down" pillow they've just purchased is goose down, when it may actually be duck down, or a blend of feather and down.

Use the information below to make the best decision about what kind of down jacket to purchase the next time you need one. It’s a principle of thermodynamics that heat will always move from a hotter region to a colder region to achieve equilibrium. The higher the fill power the larger the down cluster. Down and feathers from ducks can be prone to a "gamy" odor (eider down is also the exception here). The higher the fill power the firmer the pillow. So this is one of those questions that we get a lot and people think that fill weight and fill power are the same thing but the reality is fill weight is a measurement of how much material, in terms of ounces, we put inside the shell of the pillow to create a given density, soft, medium, firm or extra firm or thickness. Unlike most outerwear companies, we publish not only the fill power but also the down weights of our men's, women's, boy's, and girl's coats. Here are some examples to help illustrate how fill power and down weight work together: At Triple F.A.T. This is why it is important to read, and understand, the Down Bedding Law Label.

The fill power rating value is calculated by measuring how many cubic inches an ounce of down creates at its maximum loft.

", etc.

As mentioned above, feathers have quills (the center shaft). But there are important differences to note.

But first, why do we use down at all? For example, an 800 fill power goose down from Hungary will be the same quality as an 800 fill power down from Poland or Canada.

It’s important to note that fill power is measured differently in the United States than it is in Europe due to the different types of cylinders that are used. Fill power represents quality, loft and longevity. PureDelight duvets and comforters are supplied with an 800+ fill power. $145.90. You might not like Godiva more than Hershey chocolate but Godiva is using higher quality ingredients and it's certainly more expensive. years it will last).

Our Cascade Made™ down comforters & pillows are filled with RDS Certified 700, 800 and 900 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down. of down.

Duck down is much less expensive compared to goose down, with one notable exception; the down from the Eider Duck, known as Eiderdown. The fill weight is different for each pillow density, or thickness, for each pillow size; standard, queen or king and each fill power. These air pockets, created by the down fibers, provide the superior insulating ability that down is known for. The down to feather ratio calculates the percentage of down to the percentage of feathers in the product. Our Cascade Made™ down comforters & pillows are filled with RDS Certified 700, 800 and 900 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down. For example, a jacket with…. Goose and duck down are both available in white and mottled grey. The most common down products have a rating of 400 to 500. Goose Down Comforter PUREDOWN Premium All-Seasons Goose Down Comforter 600 FP 500 TC, Goose Down, 100% Cotton Co 850 Fill Power Ultra-premium Hungarian white goose down cluster.

Scientists can’t even create anything as effective in the laboratory! So 850 fill power will 'bloom' or 'loft' higher than 800 fill power. The design that allows down to reach its maximum loft is a baffle box design like all of our premium down comforters and feather beds (save the classic).

of down will be warmer than a 800 fill power jacket with 5 oz. Flight feathers are often cut up into small pieces and used as inexpensive fill for furniture & couch cushions, etc. Godiva is great chocolate but Teuscher chocolates of Switzerland and their champagne truffles are extraordinary.

The higher the quality the longer it will retain its loft and firmness. Feathers are ideal for harder and more durable products like seat cushions, but down is better for providing warmth and comfort in jackets, sleepings bags, and duvets. For example, the Eldridge men’s down parka has a 675 fill power with 15.5 oz of premium white goose down. The effect of Fill Power is a little easier to see with down pillows. Like duck down, we are seeing more gray down being used as a way to keep costs down.

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