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why are the flowers falling off my orange tree

I assumed the contractor would do the sampling for us... MY BAD!!!! When it was purchased and planted it already had several wonderful oranges on it. It will start at the root tips and progress upward. When I initially planted them they were full of oranges.

Everyone including my four legged children are all good. That still leaves a good crop.

However, they may just be ripe or just near.

A rototiller would do wonders for your yard but it is a little late since the tree is already planted. I recently trimmed down a tree above one of the orange trees so that it can get more light.

I used,for a time, a sodium bulb which are the ends of our visual spectrum. The first thing I need to do is keep my behind from over there.

Brighten your porch or patio with a potted pomegranate, kumquat, blueberry bush or another great fall fruit, From racing stripes to accent walls, see how to work this vibrant hue into your home, From pumpkin to tangerine, this hue is still hot stuff on walls, rugs, furniture and accessories, For your interiors, take a cue from nature’s colorful seasonal offerings, Stir some pumpkin colors into your interiors for design deliciousness that lasts well beyond Thanksgiving, Hummingbirds and butterflies are not the only ones who will notice when you introduce a blaze of orange into your garden, Difficult garden spots don’t need to deter you from planting trees, herbs and other delicious food plants, It may never be the new black in anything but prison shows, but orange can dramatically increase your home's energy level, Drink in the refreshing sweetness of melons from your own garden this summer — they can last well into fall too, Delightfully perfumed fruit and lovely spring blossoms make this apple and pear cousin worth a spot in the garden.

Unfortunately, repainting is not an option at this point.. I still have some blooms on the tree as of right now, but hundreds have already fallen to the ground. Update?

Your wall color doesn't look gold in the pic; it appears to be a neutral beige color that is about all that would work with these sofas unless you want a darker color such as brown. (Repurpose the undersized floor lamps to a bedroom corner.) It is also normal for a tree 3 years old and less to do so. I repot it every few years, and some seasons it has exquisite smelling flowers which "abort" as well.I will repot it as soon as the weather warms consistently (I live in NY). Heavy pruning can also cause fruit drop, but it would have to be pretty severe.

I have stunning "orange" colored high back sofas and I need a formal living room color! This is because the oarnge is ready, though a may be a different color...let it sit out in a bowl on your kitchen table or on the counter, after about 3-5 days it should ripen! Cool Temps. Citrus do not need to be pollinated to set fruit. Like karloveloces said, too cool of temperatures can do it, but it needs to be very cool, like below 40*F. Not enough water, or too much water and/or poor drainage. Hope you don't mind us asking something in your thread. People tend to clean up old leaves and throw them away but when I mix in the leaves with my rototiller into my soil all my trees flourish.

I would pinch them all out and wait until next year, really. It seems-after reading Bellcanyonblonde's post- that I don't water or fertilize enough.

I'm about ready to rip it out although it is otherwise healthy.

I have observed that while the tree … BoronBoron is what helps a tree hold onto its fruit.

I have had an in-ground dwarf orange tree in my backyard for 3, if not 4 years now.

I know better next time. As Sharona describes above, they look like green BBs at the base of the blooms, and then the whole thing falls off. Healthy Citrus will normally drop between 80-90% of the fruit that sets, but they set an enormous amount of fruit, so even if just 10% stay, that's still a lot of fruit. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

Patience really is a vertue. Trees that were not fertilized prior to the bloom period often drop excess number of blossoms, especially if soil fertility was extremely low. Thanks!

If there is anything I can do to ensure these do not fall of again then please let me know. Humidity keeps them longer on the tree for sure. Putting plants into a semi dormant state also reduced chances of infestation. It is normal for a certain amount of immature fruits to drop before ripening. Not enough nutrients ie; fertilizer, but the leaves will also usually show a deficiency as well.

I am beginning to get on the contractors nerves....but on the flip side. This year I started fertilizing once a month, put edging around my trees to form a water well & watering deeply every four days. It's good to water again quickly if one's plant dries out, but often people then water too much and too often because they're afraid of letting it happen again, and well the poor plant then drowns.

Plant roots need moisture and air to thrive.

This is no big deal to lose some. Wanted to confirm. Could also be soil related.

But it's common in other fruit.


The years following, have not produced a single orange. You might experiment with different pillows to see if another color or color combination would be more pleasing to you but I like the throw pillows you've chosen. The Meyers, Lisbon lemon, Radphurr lime and an unidentified lime all blossom heavily every February and continue to April.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and share your creativity & style.

The space is now a peaceful sanctuary. Just another wrench in the works that I'll have to figure out. The years following, have not produced a single orange. JWaker, there is nothing wrong with your tree. I am getting the same issues. I am looking for a remedy for oranges falling prematurely.

I am having the same issues. They are vindictive and will target my plants more vigorously as I remove more of their friends and family.

It is true that citrus have shallow fragile feeder roots and yours will be going into shock. It's called parthenocarpy when a plant will make fruit without pollen, and citrus do that. The tree has full sun, adequate water and drainage, good fertilization using citrus specific fertilizers, etc. It was planted 6 years ago and I always get flowers and BB size fruit and then they all drop to the ground. I have observed that while the tree seems to be thriving and the blooms are in abundance, the blooms along with the tiny green balls that would be future oranges at their bases, fall completely to the ground before oranges get a chance to grow.

My botany is weak.

Are you sure it's not too wet or too dry? If you experience a long period of high temperatures, coupled with heavy rains, you citrus trees may develop citrus canker.

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